Many have worked to explain and analyze The Law of Attraction. I believe the law is real, but without a complete understanding of how it works, so many anxiously sit waiting for our life’s purpose to be realized.

In short, what I want you to understand clearly is that there are 12 universal laws that don’t change with time, and there is one law that must be employed alongside the Law of Attraction. That is the Law of Action.

Getting, and keeping the right mindset is critical. But you still have to get to work! Merely sitting around contemplating success will leave you empty and upset – unfulfilled in your potential.

The Law of Action is as follows:

  1. Define your passion
  2. Set a believable goal
  3. Create a plan to achieve the goal
  4. Formulate a schedule, an end date
  5. Work your schedule every single day
  6. Write down (journal) your progress every day
  7. Get an accountability partner
  8. Reward yourself for small successes

Each of these items are essential for bringing your desires into reality. Your goals must have a beginning and an end date or they’re just a dream. Once you create your plan, put it on a schedule. Make the plan so precise that you can distill it into daily activities.

Journaling your progress helps you to continuously fine tune your daily actions for success. Find someone who believes in you 100% or is looking to accomplish similar goals and go get them together!

Pick goals that you get fired up about! Nothing is going to get you out of bed and moving full steam ahead that doesn’t excite you. This process will take an intense combination of the right mindset and massive, daily action.

This link will introduce you to the 12 Laws. Personal development is the number one place to focus your intention and learning.

Be your best, bring your best, leave nothing to chance!