It is unavoidable in to life to bypass circumstances that will present themselves as insurmountable.  As a kid, whenever I heard the saying… “God doesn’t give you more than you can handle” I knew someone was really struggling.

While I do believe we are all equipped to handle life’s terrible events, it doesn’t mean it will be easy. As time passes, it appears that more and more people are struggling with a life challenge threatening to debilitate health, wealth, and happiness. 

The unfortunate reality for millions is that the perseveration on problems has the potential to turn a situation into a lingering depression.  I see depression as a combination of hormonal, mental, and physical imbalance.

Let’s be clear, i’m no doctor!

I am however a person that has life changing experiences just like millions of others. We all react differently to similar situations. There is no universal solution on how to grieve the loss of:

  • A Loved One
  • A Job
  • A Relationship
  • Health Crisis
  • Financial Loss

What’s at Stake

MINDSET is the single most imperative asset we have.  Looking at life through broken glass leaves no option for filling or emptying that glass. Basically, thoughts and beliefs move towards why even try. Just give up.

Our outlook on just today is vital. Let’s be clear, there is NOTHING that can be done about what has passed us. Yesterday is gone.  We can however focus on the here and now and what it takes this very second to move life forward. It’s moving forward if you take action or not. 

HEALTH will falter with continued strain and stress. It is clear that stress is the underlying cause of almost 90% of all Doctor visits and ailments. That is astronomical. Left unattended you’re going to develop a health issue you currently don’t have and really don’t want or need. Learn More.

CAREER & MONEY are both at risk if only due to the health risk mentioned prior. Loosing focus and jeopardizing your health are both potential stumbling blocks to performing well at work and managing your personal life. The dominoes are obvious.

Solutions Before

Avoiding grief simply creates a much larger problem.  So the first step is to prepare for potential circumstances that are bound to surface at some point in all of our lives.

Create solid health, wealth, and mental set of habits. Personal habits, actually personal dealbreakers is a great first step to help you through the ups and downs of life. These dealbreakers are things that are daily to do’s that have to happen, no if’s and’s or but’s. You simply won’t go to bed if they are not completed.

What would you prepare for if you had to  forecast what if?

Death of a loved oneDiscus Final Wishes | Meditation |Physical Activity

Loss of a Job : Regular Money Management | Career Planning

Marriage Break Down : Focus on Health | Wealth | Fitness | Meditation

Health CrisisProper Diet | Exercise | Meditation | Family History | Physician

Solutions During

Accidents and tragedies happen at times and there truly is no planning.  The very first step when you find yourself lost is to ask yourself, “What can I control?”. Take the things you can control and work like hell to do so.

The things you can’t control, ask your self, “who can I reach out to for help”. Experts in every aspect of life exists.  We can control reaching out to them even when we can’t control anything else.  Our lives are our responsibility and we have to be our biggest activist.

It is vital to let ego, pride, depression, uncertainty, and hopelessness go long enough to get help. It’s the potential for despair that is the biggest threat, greater than the issue you’re currently facing.

If you have no healthy habits to retreat to, create basic things to do daily.  Make sure you’re eating properly, walking or exercising, and talking to knowledgable positive folks. Most of all remember that action, time and love will heal almost any wound.

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