Are you tired of feeling stuck and overwhelmed by your finances?

As if you are constantly in a battle to keep your head above water? Do you find yourself whispering, “I don’t know what to do anymore,” as tears of frustration and exhaustion become a too-familiar feeling? 

You’re not alone. Many high-value women find themselves trapped in a cycle of financial uncertainty, feeling isolated and unable to move forward. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

A few years into my professional career as a financial advisor, a family member reached out and asked me if there was anything I could do to help her cope better with life.  

The inquiring member was a mother of two boys and a wife to an active service member.  His active service left her a single mom on every deployment that could last months or even years. I honestly thought she was interested in mutual playdates with my two boys to give her time to grocery shop and for other personal errands. 

While those breaks were welcomed, she really wanted someone to help her manage her personal finances.  She immediately experienced how helpful it was to remove the burden of financial distress. It was so positive for her mental, physical, and financial health that we expanded the activities into a full service practice. 

We have a money and coaching program that guarantees you are going to win even if you’ve never won before, never been able to save a dime or have thousands of debt. You will gain control over your finances and have the best experience life can offer.



Create & Build is our personal empowerment program that provides self-paced access to our 65+ life, money, and mindset modules and coaches. Monthly virtual coaching calls are held on the first Monday at 7 pm to deliver every wealth builder an opportunity to ask direct questions.


  • Monthly Money Call
  • Direct Coach Messaging
  • Mobile App Access
  • Personal Assessment Review
  • Monthly Training Sessions


Realign & Grow is a weekly mastermind training where members can actively engage and learn how to shift their personal and financial trajectory. Covered content includes maximizing money, time management, and creating life changing habits.


  • The 24K Life Code Book
  • The 24K Life Planner
  • Mobile App Access
  • Weekly Mastermind Calls
  • Personal Assessment Review
  • Email Coaching


Immersion is our full-service package teaching you how to scale and multiply your time and money delivering unlimited access to a tailor-made planning and a coach. This is a 90-day experience in new habits and taking massive action to deliver 10X results.


  • The 24K Life Code Book
  • The 24K Life Planner
  • Mobile App Access
  • Weekly Training Calls
  • Personal Assessment Review
  • Full Access Coaching

Derick Gant

Is an expert voice in personal finance, specializing in strategies for overcoming today’s tough economic challenges. He is the author of a best-selling new book, The 24K Life Code, which helps equip individuals with the tools and knowledge they need to get unstuck and build wealth.

With more than 1 million views on YouTube, his direct approach to tough talk sets him apart from others.

Derick’s candid style cuts through the noise, delivering foolproof advice for real-world challenges. Far from hyped get-rich tips,  his advice focuses on practical steps to quickly improve finances, especially for challenges unique to people stuck professionally.


We believe in empowering individuals to achieve their fullest potential, both personally and professionally.

Inspired by the principles of “The 24K Life Code” by Derick Gant, we commit to fostering an environment of continuous growth, financial literacy, and well-being.

“We value the pursuit of excellence, the importance of a positive mindset, and the power of actionable knowledge.”


Testimonial Results

Testimonial Results


Are you ready to eliminate financial stress and frustration from your life? It’s time to step into the arena where your money works for you. Start your journey towards financial empowerment and let’s make your assets work in your favor. Let’s embark on this journey together.

You’re not just booking a call; you’re opening the door to a life where your finances flow positively, enhancing both your personal and professional growth.

  • Unlock Your Potential: Begin your path to financial mastery today. Discover the strategies that lead to personal enrichment and professional achievements.
  • Take Control: Equip yourself with the essential tools and knowledge needed to navigate your financial journey confidently. It’s time to shape your destiny on your terms.
  • Join the Movement: Be part of a vibrant community committed to excellence and living the 24K Life. Together, we aim for greatness, guided by shared goals and mutual support.

Dive into a world where financial wellness is the norm, and every step you take is a step towards achieving the 24K Life. Your future is waiting – let’s make it GOLDEN.

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