Everything we see, do, and hear pushes us to get quick results not fix our money problems.  Snap answers, immediate replies, and fast food are the norm no matter what the circumstances.  Someone text you and they get irritated if you don’t reply right back. How dare they not respond to me because what I want or need is important. 

This is the life we have all been lulled into, the fast game. No time to think, no desire to let things marinate and properly mature. We jump to the easiest conclusions and let others do our thinking for us. 


Do you even know that you’re in a game?  That could be a big problem if you don’t.  85% of working families are pawns moving in and out of poor choices that result in maintaining our status quo lifestyle.

You read it right, we are self-designated pawns, better known as consumers or even sheep. Sheep need a Shepard to lead them to water and food. They need protection from the big bad wolf. We just happen to be a bit more intelligent than sheep, we can read. What are we reading and doing? Crap that entertains and distracts us with non-essential information. 



  • The average US adult spends 38 minutes per day on Facebook.
  • 16-24-year-olds spend a median of 3 hours a day on social media.
  • Internet users spend an average of 2 hours and 22 minutes per day on social networking in 2019.
  • Youtube 40 minutes a day
  • Instagram 53 minutes a day
  • Snapchat 49.5 minutes a day 
  • Pinterest 14.2 minutes a day

It’s so easy and convenient to distract ourselves and fall into a habitual pattern of mediocrity.  Look at the past decade (10 yrs) of your life and assess how much better shape you are in now compared to then.  If you haven’t made much progress, you need to decide what game you want to play moving forward. 


Living in mediocrity is what the system wants you to do.

  • Squeaking by paycheck to paycheck
  • Making enough to do some stuff
  • Hacking around to swapping credit card balances

Don’t pay off the balances, keep those shackles of debt and wring your hands-on how to keep things in some semblance of control. 

Everyone doesn’t want to be rich or wealthy but most people would love to live free given a second chance. If you’re a second chancer, you are my kind of people. Someone ready to take ownership and responsibility for manifesting your destiny. 

But how do you make a change?


This is the game that you need to play if you want to have more control of your life now.  Monetizing your mind puts you in a position to minimize outsiders’ input and that includes where you get your paycheck. 

Your goal should be to become the paycheck. 

No one can ever take what’s in your head and there is no safer place to store your millions.  Monetizing what you do best and then increasing that value to maximum capacity is how to spend social media time or entertainment hours. 

Our world today affords you now more than ever the opportunity to create multiple streams of income. Will it be easy to create more money? No! If it were easy to do, everyone would do it and have the life they dream. Grab some help and begin to strategically create your new life

Some believe the answer is becoming the wolf.  Preying on the weak and prospering from their demise.  Many try this monetization path but they usually end up behind bars or starving to death. The real plan is to become the shepherd.  Develop a love of delivering solutions, insights, and information to as many people as you feel comfortable. It is the secret to your self-mastery and your success. Here are some amazing wealth affirmations for your new monetized mindset! Listen Here.