The Top 5 Secrets to success are:

  1. If your looking for a way to succeed, it’s waiting for you. Keep Looking.
  2. Review and analyze your past successes.
  3. Repeat the effort it took in step 2.
  4. Document what works best for you.
  5. THERE IS NO FRIGGING SECRET. Now get to work.

It seems that we are all looking for the magic pill that will take us to the heights we belong.  You know, the “SECRET” to success.

We buy books, watch crazy movies, and even try outrageous fad programs all in an effort to get a solution quick.  When people realize there is something screwy or that their is more than just a secret, I get asked what is the best way to “Get There”. 

What is the REAL Secrets to Success?

When people ask what it takes to succeed, the one answer I give them is FOCUS. Focus is one of our greatest assets. Successes stories like Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, to companies  like facebook and Google exercise extreme focus.

You must set yourself up to WIN & you need a process that allows you to grow, enjoy life, and consistently produce results.

Whatever area of life you need to improve, coaching is one of the most valuable tools in the world. From we are kids to this day, we still get coached.  

In order to get into your highest zone, live your passion, or whatever drives you, you have to master your special skills and have the ability to instantly turn it on.

A coach isn’t better than you are, they just bring a different perspective. A great coach will show you how to shift the game in order to get the results you want and need to win.

Having someone help direct your focus is beneficial because they have been down the path you wish to travel and can give you the private tour. Your tour should accentuate the strengths you have and help you get stronger. Certainly this means arriving at your destination faster and with less stress.

Focus beyond surface distractions and tap into the secrets to success, the ones that will change the world. You will rarely wonder where the time has gone because you will see it in the results. Be The Change.


“Be Your Best, Bring Your Best, Leave Nothing to Chance.”


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Derick Gant is an American entrepreneur, author, speaker, motivator and personal performance coach. Gant is a respected, highly regarded advisor whose passion is teaching people how to master themselves, their world, and their future. His books, packages, and seminars provide people of all backgrounds with the practical tools required to secure their personal  freedom.