Did you know that one out of every three people has suffered some form of mental, physical, or sexual abuse?

Do you think that being abused has an effect on your mindset, outlook, and personal story?  It most certainly impacts how you become you and think about almost everything.  The silver light is that abused or not. You don’t have to own that past any longer. You can change the story with a bit of work.

Each of us is different, and how much work depends on every situation.  The truth is understanding that it doesn’t matter how long recovery takes as long as you are on the path.

Some of us, actually most of us, need outside help, such as therapy.  It doesn’t matter how you get to the finish line as long as you run the race.


Part of the problem for most people is what they believe to be a lack of resources or funds. Yeah, you need more money.  Having enough money, like most things, is a mindset.

We adopt or learn our money mindset from whomever we grew up under until age 10-12. You didn’t just know about money. You had to learn about it.

Ask yourself, were my parents’ frugal complainers about a lack of resources, or were they constantly in debt? Did they have enough to pay bills, or was that periodic blackout not weather related?

Maybe your parents had loads of money but never discussed it. No matter what, we have to rewire our money thoughts to be healthy and support our life’s plan.


  • Take our money quiz CLICK HERE
  • Re-Frame your money mindset  (Chapter 7 The 24K Life Code Millionaire Mindset)
  • Create and keep a personal spending plan
  • Change your verbiage to prosperity from lack
  • Select and carry a token for focus & reminders