How right is your inner circle?

Look close at your inner circle and you may discover they are wrong for your success.

Have you ever looked at the five people you spend the most time with?  Most likely you haven’t.  I suggest that you consider the five people you spend the most time with as your inner circle.  I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, birds of a feather flock together. Well statistically it’s true in birds and humans.

I have a dear friend and he works hard on perfecting his inner circle. He has strategically figured out how to merge his top people with similar values, qualities, skills, and professionalism into his inner circle.

He very carefully selected his attorney, finance specialist, fitness trainer, spouse, and performance coach. He works and socializes with them on a regular basis. They are first on his fun list as well as his work list. This means they have to be best in class in many areas including their values, hopes, and dreams.

No one should knowingly invest in relationships that are stagnant, filled with jealousy, or simply negative. I’m sure it’s fun to wine, dine, and gossip, but that has to be an occasional thing.  How many people in your circle are there for comic relief or because they are the one who knows all the latest gossip?

Analyze Your Circle

“You never outperform your Inner Circle” according to legendary  Coach John Wooden . He recommends that you list the names of five people closest to you personally, professionally, and within a social organization.  Then he says to look at those names and ask, “Are they going where you’re going?”  Are they the kind of people you want on your journey?”    These questions force you to look at the people closest to you and reconsider who to include closely in your life.

If you want to be great, surround yourself with people that want the same things that you want.  Travel with them, work with them them, have fun with them. 

If you were to list the people who are closest to you, the ones with the most influence on your life personally and professionally, could you say that they are heading in the direction you see yourself going?

You might interact with hundreds of people every day, but only a select few will have an impact on your life.

Move beyond the surface and tap into your deepest desires, the ones that will change the world. You will rarely wonder if you have the right team, because you will see it in the results. Be The Change.


“Be Your Best, Bring Your Best, Leave Nothing to Chance.”


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Derick Gant is an American entrepreneur, author, speaker, motivator and personal performance coach. Gant is a respected, highly regarded advisor whose passion is teaching people how to master themselves, their world, and their future. His books, packages, and seminars provide people of all backgrounds with the practical tools required to secure their personal  freedom.