Have you ever heard someone say or you yourself said I want a new house? I deserve a new home. I’m going to get a new house.  Well, I hear this constantly about homes, cars, transforming the body, to moving to sunny California. The thought and the reality are both possible but only one is happening. What if you could make the thought a reality right now?  I call it Living As If

Certainly that would put your dreams in a space that makes them VERY POSSIBLE, actually LIKELY!

But how do you make it happen?

Living as if is a very important step in becoming that person. You know that person, the amazing future you. The person that is happily living the life in your head, your dreams,  not your daily life.

Most people consider this concept… Fake it Until You Make it.  I understand the comparison, however, I have major mental conflict with the FAKE IT part of the plan. Faking anything eventually becomes overwhelming and tiresome. A constant reminder that you’re not real.

Living as if means that you have detailed out the steps required to live the life of your dreams. Once you have these details you will take those steps and begin to implement them on a daily basis. Of course, there will be several steps that can’t be met yet, but you are on the path.

I will live my best days in a high-rise condo facing the ocean. Starting purchase price with a partial view, $500,000.

The questions I ask,24klife

What do I need to do to move?

  • Quit my job
  • Transfer my job
  • Sell my house

How will I pay for it?

  • Cash
  • Mortgage

How will I keep it?

  • Large Money reserves
  • Keep Working

How long will it take me to meet these markers?

How can I increase my monthly revenue?

These are just the surface of the questions that must be answered. Once I have the plan, I begin Living as if.

  1. I eliminate any longterm projects
  2. Find a way to supplement my income
  3. Begin to pay (my savings) what a $500,000 mortgage would cost.
  4. Reduce ties and local commitments
  5. Prepare my house for sale
  6. Get rid of all junk and unnecessary items

You’re starting to get the idea.  The process is a reality test.

What are you actually doing when you live as if?

Going through the process of living as if will show you if you really want what you say you want.  It’s easy to dream big but it takes commitment and focus to live big.

We have, at times taken our dreams and jumped in feet first only to discover the hidden truth, we bit off more than we really wanted.

The process of living as if grooms you for the ups and downs. It reassures you can do what you set out to accomplish or makes you go back to the drawing board. Living as if uncovers the dust and the holes that most people fall into.

Why Doesn’t Living as If work for 90% of people.

Very few people can actually put up with the pain, discipline, and focus it takes to live as if. The idea is always better than the reality.  Consider for a moment all of the new year resolutions made January 1st. Well over 85% of those resolutions are dead and buried after just 2 weeks. TWO WEEKS.

People like to dream and talk, but are limited on the action. To be honest it’s fun to talk big and show you can think big. The RESULTS are in the actions. Work is boring, tedious, and tenacious. Work is time consuming and people crave excitement, flair, and instant gratification.  Most have no stomach for it. They SCREAM …. ENTERTAIN ME!

Statistically, 5 -10% will devise a plan, implement it, and successfully complete it.  I already told you 85% quit two weeks in so that only leaves 5% that get close to the dream. You know the saying “shoot for the moon, and at least you’ll hit the stars”? That just may be you if you give every ounce to what you say you want.

In order to successfully live as if, you have to incorporate the following by any means necessary.

  1. Clear Personal Vision
  2. Massive Desire To Be There
  4. Stop Wasting Time & Resources
  5. Apply the concept to EVERY Area of Life
  6. Be Consistent

What can’t you Live as if at?

A really quick note. Don’t try living as if with things that are detrimental to your health or life.

  • Abuse
  • Terrible spouse
  • Health Issues

You get the idea…

Let’s Get to Work.

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