Life isn’t fair easy or understandable a lot of the time. The wretched seem to prosper while good people struggle and press to simply hold on for crumbs. 

What the hell?

What is the deal with the struggle, stress, and fighting to live? Where are the fun, flow, and flowers?

The truth is I don’t have the answer to these circumstances but I can give you something to think about that will begin to turn your journey around.


People want excellence while producing mediocrity. 

Don’t expect GREATNESS if you are unwilling to go above and beyond the minimum expectation. God is excellence and if you know anything, birds of a feather flock together.  Stop complaining about what you lack. Act like God and present your absolute best at all you think, say, and do!


Begin today SPEAKING EXCELLENCE into your life. ANOINT & APPOINT YOURSELF. Be excellent and you will attract more excellence.  Demand more of yourself, stop looking at others’ shortcomings and ignoring your own. 

Trust and believe this applies to EVERY aspect of life. 

Want more money? Create more value where you stand, sit, work, and play. 

  • Be the energy
  • Be the solution
  • Be the grace
  • Be the gift


Superstars hang with Superstars and you are afraid to be alone so you hang with any and everyone that comes along.  Stop entertaining bull crap. It’s not cute, funny, or getting you closer to your desires. More than anything you can do, begin to think, act, and live the best of your abilities.







Get caught up living in the presence of your excellence.  Make it so intense others can’t take the level of energy unless they rise to the vibe you are putting out. 

It’s time to move away from average, and mediocrity, and just getting by.  

  • Check your circle
  • Check your actions
  • Check your words
  • Check your beliefs
  • Check your expectations

After you have checked all of the aforementioned, eliminate 80% of everything. You only NEED 20% to get to the level of excellence you desperately desire. 


If what you need is not an 11 on your scale of 1-10, you are not ready for ELEVATION. Get obsessed with where you must go and what you must do.  People who kinda want something are willing to accept not getting it.  If you are hungry for the right thing, everything will work out in your favor. 

What are you hungry for?