The Choices Winners Make

We are the total of our experiences and choices, positive or negative. The truth is most people fail to take full ownership of those choices and therefore fail to have any real chance to improve their life.

I always felt that having a selective memory or being forgetful kept me from remembering negative or bad stuff. That stuff that shows up later in life causing frustration, depression, or an overall desire to throw in the towel. 

After working hard to recognize my shortcomings, I realized that change has mostly to do with choices. Every day we decide our future path through the choices we make. Who we want to be, where we plan to be, and what style of life we plan to live.  

When we don’t decide to make intentional choices, we have to accept where we end up with, most likely that will be nowhere we want to be. 

Real change happens when we think through our choices and decisions in our daily efforts to make better, more concise decisions. Often, we make bad choices to act negatively in the heat of the moment. People hold on to the things that have happened to us in the past. You have to understand the history and that those reactions got you where you now stand. 

Turning Things Around

In striving for a 24k life, there are some choices we need to make before a moment even presents itself.

We have to choose to let some things go and not dwell in the negative spaces of our past situations, circumstances, and happenstance. We must remember to remind ourselves of what not to do during tough times and make better choices. 

Choose to let go of: 

  • Living in the past 
  • Looking for faults
  • Not taking actions

Choose to:

  • Be understanding 
  • Find a winning way
  • Winning words
  • Dismiss rather than engage foolishness

Stay In Your Power

There is power and strength in making a consistently reliable choice. The new choices you make are not going to be easy. You have already made the easy ones, and they have led you to an unacceptable place. 

Most things that were easy to accomplish were not necessarily right for you or your success. Take the right road, no matter how difficult. The tough decisions lead to an easier route in the future. 

There is always a price to pay for a great life. Usually, that price is high at first and significantly more manageable later in life. That is because you have created a habit of doing the right thing early even though it hurt. As you go through life, that habit lessens the pain and increases the reward. 

To find your power and stay in your power, make the more challenging choices first.


Co-Authored By Kobi McDade