I know what I want, so give it to me now!

Recently I hosted an intense paid masterclass. The purpose of the class was to show people how to get what they want.  I mentioned it was a paid class to indicate the investment and sincerity of the attendees. When people pull out their wallets, they are usually serious about getting a return more than they paid.

Of the attendees, only 20% KNEW what they wanted.  When we discussed goals and dreams, they had the standard “better life” but no specifics as to what that meant.



No One can get something that they truly desire without knowing the desire.

Take some time and give real thought to your life and the longest desire you can recall for the longest time.  Most of us have a small still voice constantly reminding us we are to start playing the piano or start a volunteer program.  Fixing clocks and watches is a long term desire as you came out of the womb tearing apart and rebuilding appliances. What are you naturally amazing at and really desire to do more of the same?


  1. Make a list of everything you want and need.
  2. Rank your list from the #1 item to the end of the list.
  3. Bunch similar items together. (Relationships, material things, vacations)
  4. Rank your bunches
  5. The #1 item in your #1 bunch is most likely what you want the most.
  6. ASK for that item and set your mind and goals to acquire it. By Any Means #BAM
  7. Get help if it’s that important to you. (Pay to Play)



Most likely you have been muddling along your life complaining about how the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.  Stop whining and do something about your life. Get in shape, make more money, fall in love. There is a secret to getting what you want!  The secret is knowing what you want the most and then taking the action necessary to get it.