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June 2012

The Little Middle Class

By |2012-06-12T15:11:45-06:00June 12th, 2012|Blog, Investing|

The little Middle Class has left the building. Today I was watching Morning Joe and a remarkable chart came on displaying the net worth difference between 2005 and 2009 by race. As a matter of [...]

December 2011

The Strangest Secret

By |2011-12-01T11:02:08-06:00December 1st, 2011|Investing|

I have read many books after college that were far more meaningful to my life than calculus.  I use math and english on a daily basis to provide the best advice, however the best education [...]

June 2011

Money Never Sleeps

By |2011-06-30T01:21:10-06:00June 30th, 2011|Investing|

Building your nest egg to a point that you can put it to work is the next level game plan. The next level we should all be climbing for is the place where the assets [...]


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