Investing $100.00

Recently an IG follower asked me to read an article on where and how to invest $100. She is excited about being in the game and taking action. Remember… “Be your best, Invest, Leave nothing to chance.”

So she’s ready and smart enough to ask an expert if she is pointed in the right direction.

My Reply

I agree that getting started is a major component of any productive strategy. So the article is correct in that light.

The offerings of how to do so are a little bit bait and switch. Here’s why:

  1. If you invest $100 in a trading account here is what will happen.   The trading cost are $5.00 and that is a 5% loss right there. The average cost of any position is going to range, but lets say you buy a $10.00 stock… you get 9 shares ($100- $5=$95). If the stock increases 10% you get $1.00 per share or $9.00. Now your investment is worth $104.00 so you made 4% return after 1 year….. 🙁
  2. The Lending Club is an idea but i’m guessing your going to get similar results. 10% return gets you $10.00
  3. You are already investing in yourself as an entrepreneur. So this is irrelevant. 
  4. The last few options of investing $100 don’t even apply to $100 because they state in the article it’s a $100 per month. Subconscious switching.
  5. They switch your thinking by talking about hiring a success coach to help you for $$$ Thousands…


  1. Figure out how much per month you can save…. $25.00 a month will be worth $300.00 in a year…. that’s a great result.
  2. Get an emergency fund equal to 2 months of your expenses… Lock it up in stone.
  3. Start a Fidelity or Vanguard mutual fund… the minimum is usually $25.00 a month automatic deduction. (No load Funds)
  4. Follow me on I will keep you hungry and aggressive on building wealth by making the right money moves.

Keep ASKING and we will all get to a great financial place together.

“Broke is a state of mind that expresses itself in your wallet.” 

                                       -Derick Gant

Be Your Best, Invest, Leave Nothing to Chance.

The original article for your own judgement: