Most people look at their failures as the ingredients for their success but it’s not.  We are always being told to fail your way to the top or that the best ever also lost the most. I call Bulls*%t. Block out the noise of others. You don’t have to keep loosing.

The key to success under most circumstances is to last. Staying the course and constantly improving your choices and actions is a must. You have to look yourself in the face and believe that you have everything you need to win.  Every day take a positive step towards your vision.

The outside world looks and says you are lucky. What the world doesn’t see are the steps you took day after day, week after week, month after month. Block out the noise of the world. It’s a vail over a trap. The trap is to lull you to sleep, accepting satisfaction and therefore quitting.

Keys to being uniquely great

  1. Focus on your Passion
  2. Read EVERYTHING related
  3. Block out the noise
  4. Accomplish Something Daily
  5. Share your Gift
  6. Don’t Ever Quit
  7. Stay in Your Lane

My very first mentor John F. Savage would constantly say, “All you have to do is last”. The adage has stuck with me and is part of my foundation. I was drilled as a kid that quitting was not an option.  Inherently it forces you to block out the noise of nay sayers and people that are simply not on your team.

It takes 60 days to create and form a sustainable habit.  Philippa Lallu research has proven this to be more accurate over the 21 day believed prior.

You need more than just the power of positive thinking.  Take focused daily positive action. Never quit.  Becoming the person of your mind takes a leap of belief in yourself. You have been given everything that you need to be great. Conquer your fear of falling short and become your GREATNESS.