What is a paradigm?

Do you want to make more money? A paradigm is a distinct set of concepts or thought patterns in science and philosophy, including theories, research methods, postulates, and standards for what constitutes legitimate contributions to a field.

Still, confused? I know, right!

People used to think the world was flat and that if you sailed too far into the ocean, the ship would fall off its edge.  That was a paradigm that changed once the earth’s truth and all planets were found to be round.

Paradigms can be universal or very personal. The powers that be in society use paradigms to control and direct most citizens.  Examples of this are our dependence on oil or the use of banks.  We are led to believe these things are essential for our basic existence, and “everyone” needs them.  In truth, electricity, water, and gas are more efficient and healthy for our environment and economy.  Banks are great, but the government prints money whenever it decided more to prop up the economy.

What is your money paradigm?

Do you believe and think that money doesn’t grow on trees and that to get any, you must trade your time for it? Most people are led to believe that it takes 45 years of working hard to build a large enough nest egg to relax and enjoy the art of doing very little.

Would you be surprised if I pointed out some folks under the age of 40 making millions?

  • YouTubers doing goofy videos with millions of followers (Ad $)
  • Kids (18-25) get paid to play video games online.
  • Product reviewers of online products
  • I won’t mention Fans Only folks or only fans… I never get it right.
  • Educators teaching how to courses

I can go on and on, but the moral to the story is that you must take a serious look at your money paradigm.  The aforementioned people are printing their own money, and they are doing it in new and unique ways. Do they work hard? I’m sure it’s not easy, but they are making far more than what you or I would value the effort.

When people are sitting at home playing games and acting a fool for giggles, it doesn’t seem like they are working hard.  You deserve to get your share and it is up to you to get up and go grab it.

How does this help me make more money?

The world will never reward mediocrity.  When you decide to get off your average and master a skill, you are changing your money paradigm.  You have to be the catalyst; no one is going to hand you a couple of mills.

If you ever ask yourself if you have enough money, you don’t.  When you wonder about a thing, the reality is that you don’t have it, or you wouldn’t wonder about it in the first place.

You can keep wondering or wishful thinking by buying lottery tickets. You can pray for that rich aunt to pass away and leave you a few bucks. Or you can put in the brainpower to discover and or release your magic paradigm power.

Many brilliant people never rise to greatness or personal freedom because they quit and threw in the towel before they reached their destination.  The system wants you to throw in the towel. To be one of the millions blindly feeding the system. Never feeling satisfied or able to control your own destiny. These feelings keep you working and spending on immediate gratification.  They keep you from establishing the utopia you dream and deserve.

Change your paradigm, actions, and print your own money. JOINDERICK.COM