You’re on the wrong track if  your not thinking like High Achievers, Excellence Seekers, Mile High Life stylers. 

Are you sick of running in a vicious circle?  Are you sitting on the sideline wishing you could just get in the real game?  You can’t make it to the main game if your thinking like everyone else, like sheep.

First of all, SHEEP don’t think, they follow. They eat when told, eat what’s told, and then nap in utter pleasure of their feast. Sheep are happy to not have to go hungry today and are definitely on the wrong track for tomorrow.

Don’t get it twisted, I use to be a sheep.  I made a lot of money over the years but managed  somehow to blindly spend it all as we went along. Pair that with a drastic downturn in the economy and increasing kid expenditures, I am officially entrenched in the flock.

Even with all of my years of expertise, it meant nothing without practical application.  I fell into the ENTREPRENEURIAL curse of “I can make more”. Spend it now and make it back later.  A never ending saga. Especially when things get tight in the world.


What did I do?  I stopped blindly following and separated from the flock.  I wanted a better life.  Immediately, I had to wake up, and make a clear choice. We were all just being fattened up for slaughter. And that path, just isn’t for me.  In order to stop spending my way to the grave, I chose not to be a wolf, but to become a Shepard.

You however, don’t have to become a Shepard to take control of your path. You just have to separate from the flock, and follow these principles.

Live 10-20% Beneath your Income

Ignore the word SALE

Get on the Right Page

Stay the Course

Do you want to live the life you see in your mind, in pictures, magazines and television? Let me tell you that unless you have a silver spoon waiting, the dream life takes work and tenacity.

The slaughter house wants you to believe that you are heading towards that life by buying the latest and greatest. Taking that deserved vacation on your credit card and financing it for the next 3 years.  You see, you get one vacation every three years while they vacation several times a year on the interest you spend for kicks and giggles.

That “dream life” is possible. Average people that made this decison are everywhere, doing well and living well. They separated themselves from the flock and decided to implement the principles REQUIRED

Act like no one else, Spend like no one else, so you can Live like no one else.