Your Money Mantra

What is your money mantra and does it serve you?

In order to have an extraordinary life, you must master yourself. More importantly master your emotions, that is, understand and direct them.  When it comes to money, we all have a learned set of axioms, actions, and reactions. The issue with our money mindset is that we rarely established it alone. It was learned early on in life.

Like anything inherited or handed down, it may not be a perfect fit for mental money health.  The quote “Money doesn’t grow on trees” – James L. Gant was a frequent phrase following a request for almost anything.  This reply led to feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness.  Hearing this often enough, it can become your emotional foundation and perspective on money for life.

The sad part is that we make these choices unconsciously, and often adopt emotions that do not serve us in a productive way. We are wired for survival, which means our brain is constantly looking for anything that could hurt us. Great news if you’re in the jungle but not so much when you are in a protected environment. Because your unconscious beliefs drive your emotions, you first need to address the beliefs you have about money. “I never have enough.” “We can barley afford what we have.” “You need Money to Make Money.” Do you have one of these beliefs, or one like it?  

Most of these beliefs were not chosen consciously; as indicated earlier. They are a product of our environment or experiences in our formative years. The great news is that you can choose what you believe today.  Choose something that’s GOOD for you.

Otherwise you stunt your growth, condemning yourself to a mediocre life rather than the amazing future you deserve.

Building a Better Mantra

Consider building your self designed money mindset by repetitively thinking you can. Embracing your new word choice and challenge your monetary beliefs so you can break through your limitations.

Consciously focus on who you want to be and what you want to believe. Spending at least ten minutes each morning focusing on prosperity, abundance, gratitude, and all the resources that are available to everyone in the universe.

What If You Don’t

Think about life if you continue to accept your current emotional patterns around money.  What would life be like if you approached your finances more confidently? Wealth and Health is really a state of appreciation. Abundance is a mindset, not a dollar amount.

Cultivate gratitude for the things you have now and everything that is added will feel like a bonus. Remember that 75% of the world is living on two dollars a day. Your worst nightmare is their greatest possible dream.

You want a formula for wealth? Refocus your money mindset and consistently work your ass off! Your Money Mantra is money flows easily to me because I deserve it. 

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