We all at some point in life think that some outside force has inserted itself into our lives and is standing in the way of our greatest or next move. As we fight to survive and maybe to thrive, it’s just natural to consider what’s holding us back and what hurdles do we need to jump to reach the prize.

As age creeps in, thoughts move towards the best way to just stay put and be satisfied. Do I. Really need things to get better? I’m doing okay where I am. The fight is for the young. These are a few of the lies we begin to process to avoid the pain and frustration.

The lie is that we can survive remaining. Nothing just remains. Everything either grows or deteriorates. Everything.  If a person isn’t getting better, they are getting worse.

Stretching ourselves to live a full life is a moving target. The strategies I use at 54 to stay in shape, “remain” are completely different from 15 years ago.  I don’t run as far or as fast. Lifting weights has moved from heavy barbells to manageable dumbbells. Eating a whole pizza once a week is reduced to eating a pizza once in a while.  My tolerance level for BS has practically diminished to zero and in order to appear civil, I take prana lessons from a spiritual coach.

Never Lie to Yourself

You should, at all times, be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. As your life evolves at every stage, new truths emerge which means new actions are required. It’s when you encounter new truths and you remain the same that your world moves against you. Lying to yourself that you are good staying the same old same old is a death sentence.  When you do this, just realize that you are the one standing in your way.

Take Radical Ownership

If taking ownership were an easy thing,  we would have a much brighter world. Radical ownership on the other hand is a personal truth. Radical ownership says to yourself and others that no one can control you or steal your freedom. Everything that happens in your world is a direct result of some action you have taken or not taken.  Don’t get it twisted, this is an extreme process and undertaking. It’s not for the faint or weak at heart.

Taking radical ownership is for anyone looking to complete their full life experience soon on their own terms.  So who is standing in your way? Only you!

Derick is an author, speaker, financial expert, and high-performance coach with over 25 years of entrepreneurial experience. In 2019, he published The 24K Life Code: The Only Difference Between Mediocrity and Greatness a book that guides others step-by-step to achieve their best and get the results they’ve been seeking.

As an expert coach and fitness professional, Derick takes complicated concepts and delivers them in understandable terms. His well-known mantra “Master your mind and you will always be free” has enabled him to achieve mental, physical, and financial abundance in his own life.