The most productive employee is a happy employee.

Most employees are grinding thru the day like a hamster on a treadmill. They are hoping that something somehow is going to magically save the day from feeling like months and the months from feeling like years and the years from feeling like a lifetime.

That grind comes from the monotony of not getting ahead. Being stuck in the same space is hard to swallow after some time. Most people are stuck because of the choices they make at home. The reality in business, is that people no matter how hard they try to separate work from home, bring their personal stuff to work. The GRIND.

Wouldn’t it be great for everyone if like Wylie E Coyote, we could drop or differences at the time clock and start work with a cleanslate.  Everyone would benefit. There would be far less stress, deadlines unmet, and customers 

would feel the love.

Invest in HOME

Since we cant just flip off a switch, it seems wise to look at how HOME can be improved. I know this is a barrier of liability that most dare not cross but that is a load of crap. To make work life better for the C class,  the finest therapist and financial coaches are made available to solve the simplest and most complex personal problems. A companies rainmaker have all the support.   Why not trickle services down to the front lines which truly are the faces of your company?

I get that the services provided will not be the same level, but the problems and needs are not at the same level. People need more guidance than where to put their 401k money and what health plan to pick.

In the most scarce sense, very few people have learned how to manage their personal finances. Nothing available in high school, nothing in college, and the office sure as heck isn’t going to be responsible for recommending their budget.

My Point!

A productive employee comes from a  home that is financially stable and spreads their confidence and joy to customers. This production equals business profits and employee promotion. Everyone WINS.