Forty-five years old, tired, dazed, and looking for the answer to what happened to the last 20 years? I know and hear this every day. “If I only knew then what I know now, I would be unstoppable. One of the things you need to apply right away from what you’ve learned in the past is to stop looking back. Look and attack forward. 

Your Current Season 

We are all in a season of life, and taking a stern look at where you are is a great place to determine where you want to go. No matter where you want to go, you have to start with a clear picture of where you stand.  

Just like farming seasons, we have seasons in life. 

Spring is the planting season. In human terms, it’s time to learn and understand your strengths and skills. Spring allows us to explore our passions and desires and decide on a path for our lives. 

Summer is the time to cultivate what we have chosen. To water and weed the crops. Summer is a time to dive deeper into our gifts and skills, striving to become more of an expert. 

Fall is the greatest season for most because it is the season you harvest all of the crops or skills you have acquired. It is time to get paid for all of your spring studies and hard summer work in more realistic terms. 

Winter is a time of rest. During the winter, the ground rest, the farmer rest, and you are resting. The point of winter is to relax and rejuvenate, so the soil is ready to accept new seeds and produce more amazing crops. 

I’m guessing you are in a prolonged winter and wondering when it’s going to be over.  

Where You Imagined

We can’t help but look back on our lives and ponder on where we thought we would be at this point in our lives. Rarely are people ahead of their belief. Most people are not close to the life they thought they would be living.  

Our past, full of mistakes and obstacles that chip away at our passion, motivation, and beliefs seems undefeated. Most people are worn down by life and have lost a large portion of their optimism. Life has a way of repeating itself, and we continuously look upon the losses and failures. Understanding that we get more of what we focus on, we tend to get more losses and failures. These failures can become limiting beliefs about where we are, why we’re there, and where we can go. 

Have you ever read about what animal trainers do to control adult elephants? In summary, a small rope or chain is used to manage the animal. View the story here.

You may not be where you want to be, but are you ready to give up on your dreams. It’s not too late.

Derick Gant The 24K Money Coach

What’s The Future

Your future is more powerful than your past, so forget the past. You can change your future, but you can’t do anything about your history. 

Now for what you have been waiting for. The first step to rebooting your life is to determine what you believe. Belief is the most crucial element of your future. 

Do you believe it’s too late for your success?  

If you do, it is. If you believe you still have a great shot at a fantastic future, you do!

What do you believe about yourself?

Do you know that you have fallen enough times that you know the places to avoid? By now, you should know the fastest way to get results out of yourself and your team. At this point, you should believe that everything you need is within you, and you have to get it out and activated. 

What do you believe you deserve?

Do you believe you are worthy of a better life? Do you deserve to live a life of luxury or stress-free? Some of us allow past discretions and limiting beliefs to keep us in the mud. That dark hole that others say we belong. But what do you say? 

Where do you believe you can go?

Inside of every apple is an apple orchard. Every apple has a seed that could, if appropriately nurtured, produce a tree. That tree can produce more apples, and those apples more trees. Inside of you is an orchard of fabulous self-sustaining greatness. Do you believe that?

How You Can Get There

It’s not too late to become unstoppable. Apple orchards need cultivating. Use all of the experience and knowledge you have acquired up to this point in your life. Consider that every win and every loss has prepared you for this exact moment. 

I’ve often heard Tony Robbins say that without his tough childhood, he wouldn’t be equipped to help the millions of people who depend on his insights and wisdom. 

Start your new path by actually writing down what useful things you learned in the past twenty years. Remember the saying “if I knew then what I know now”? Well, it’s now! Visualize the next twenty years and determine what you will need to know moving backward. Stop the cycle and pre-think what you will need to know and do. Most importantly, do it. Derick on Demand Mobile app

Must do Items Moving forward:

It would be best if you got in the summer season as fast as possible, there is time to waste. Harvest is the goal, but you must water, weed, and nurture every usable skill you possess. 

The key to understand is that we operate at our belief level, not our potential level. Amp up your self-belief and that drastically increases your set expectations. If you expect it, it will most likely happen. Expect GREATNESSYouTube version

Derick Gant is an author, speaker, financial expert, and high-performance coach with almost 30 years of entrepreneurial experience. Earlier this year, he published The 24K Life Code: The Only Difference Between Mediocrity and Greatness that guides others step-by-step to achieve their best and get the results they’ve been looking for. As an expert coach and fitness guru, Derick takes complicated concepts and delivers them in understandable terms. His well-known mantra “Master your mind and you will always be free” has enabled him to achieve mental, physical, and financial abundance in his own life.

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