The Best Kept Secret 

Maybe you tried it all, or most likely you think you tried it all. The secret to cracking your code is not ever considering you tried everything possible. There is no way that you have tried it all. You’ve been giving yourself an out by even considering that you have done it all and it’s time to throw in the towel. 

Let’s assume that you really have tried it all and you still haven’t accomplished the results you need or want. You are still missing a huge clue. 

Is it possibly a lack of motivation? You know, that rush when you have something new and interesting. The excitement that you have struck gold and all you have to do now is dig it up, clean it up, and trade up!

You start digging and digging and digging and nothing surfaces but rocks and dirt. What is your next best move? Will you keep digging? Are you starting to question your core belief that gold is here in your property claim? Do you start giving a partial effort or do you just quit and save your energy for the next claim? Is your motivation simply just tapped out?

Your next move is the one that will determine your results. It’s a critical crossroad and no one can make the decision for you!

Who am I to judge you! Trust and believe I don’t. I have started and restarted so many times I can’t begin to count. The truth is, I kept digging, I just chose different spots. Maybe 20 feet to the left is the spot? No! Maybe it’s 30 degrees to the left.  No MORE! through 20 years of digging all over the place, I found the answer

So What’s the Answer?

You’ve heard the Aesop fable of the tortoise and the hare. The hare starts out with blazing speed and determination, laser focus, and the desire to win in a flash. The hare is so far ahead that motivation and focus wane and boredom takes over. The tortoise just keeps pushing forward making consistent progress. 

At some point, the tortoise’s constant determination to not give up, not go out of its zone of excellence, pays up. Passing a sleeping hare goes unnoticed and the race is eventually won to the surprise of everyone.  

Are you ready to win your race? 

The answer is simple, as long as you believe, and you are the source, keep digging in your spot.  Most of us fail is in switching teams, moving spots, and searching for a quicker answer.  When motivation fails, we must dig in deeper. 

The one-word answer to your continued success is CONSISTENCY!

Consistency Is The Key

When all else has failed, keep pushing forward. Your consistency will bring your motivation back. Consistency will build more than adequate momentum and momentum can take you farther than your motivation.

Understand that if you simply make 1% self-improvement every day, you will attain any and everything you set out to do.  At every offering to the day, bring your best effort. Will yourself to finish the day like you started the day, with your best effort. 

Trying gives us the false feeling that we have done what we should to get what we say we want. Trying is nothing. 

You set out with a personal goal to finally clean the garage today. A family member that depends on you has an emergency 20 minutes after starting the cleaning project.  You must take them to get treatment and the ordeal last hours.  Begrudgingly you have lost hours on hours and shrug your shoulders that at least you tried to clean the garage. 

The truth is, the garage remains dirty. 

Nothing else matters except that you didn’t finish what you started no matter the interruptions. 

Consistency with a steel determination presses your soul to get back to the garage no matter how many hours you missed. At the end of the day, the garage is clean and your reward is the result of making that day complete. One complete day leads to two complete days while that leads to two months and of course two years!

The secret non-secret KEY to cracking your code to success is CONSISTENCY. Health, Wealth, and Happiness to you today!