Golden Handcuffs

Take off those golden handcuffs.

Have you heard the saying there is someone for everyone? Of course there is someone for everyone but it doesn’t mean that someone is the one you deserve. This saying also applies to money. There is a dollar for everyone. Few dollars are available for the unfortunate that work for them to just get by on life’s bare necessities.  Some dollars are available to the multitude who works just enough to make life reasonably comfortable.  Finally the majority of dollars are in the hands of the very few who make those dollars work for them instead of them working for the dollar.

What are golden handcuffs and who do they apply to? By definition, handcuffs restrain and control the wearer to the whims of those that have the key to unlock and release those being held in bondage.

There are occasions that this idea might be considered fun but that’s a different article.

Golden handcuffs refer to workers and their status under an employer. If you earn just a bit more than enough money to stay with a company that you would likely leave given an outside offer or chance, you are being held with golden handcuffs. The total earnings and benefit package you receive are more than you would likely get at another firm and therefore held captive.

I don’t care what the handcuffs are made of, gold, platinum, or diamonds, they still maintain the same purpose, bondage. 

The Problem

You make just enough to live a great life but not enough to tell your boss your amazing idea that may outshine them. You see a plan that could revolutionize the business and you have to remain silent in fear of your idea being stolen and accredited to someone else because of office politics. Maybe your light just shines a bit too bright for others.

Can’t move up, can’t stay the same, and certainly you’re not moving backwards. Stuck. You already switched companies from a situation that left your brilliance stagnant for years. If you aren’t allowed to be you, then who are you?  It’s hard work to be who someone else needs you to be, especially when that is less than what you are or who you’re capable of being.

The Solution

Your solution is to change your view of who you see and think yourself to be. You see yourself as an executive, an employee, or a support person.  Begin to see yourself as an owner. As a true business owner, you will begin to think in terms of profit and losses at work, home, and in relationships. Benefits of this approach is that you open up and push through your limiting beliefs. Employees are owed and obligated to certain things. Owners produce and create. Huge difference.

Changing your mindset allows you to own your actions and results. Are your friends adding to your life or taking away from it? (Profit or a Loss). Business owners operate with the bottom line in mind. Yes, people are resources to be cherished, supported, but let go if they cost too much.  What about the excess personal expenses that waste profits at home?  If you could minimize losses and maximize gains, would you be financially free faster?

If you were  financially free, would you take that risk at work to share your greatness without fear of retribution?


“Be Your Best, Bring Your Best, Leave Nothing to Chance.”


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Derick Gant is an American entrepreneur, author, speaker, motivator and personal performance coach. Gant is a respected, highly regarded advisor whose passion is teaching people how to master themselves, their world, and their future. His books, packages, and seminars provide people of all backgrounds with the practical tools required to secure their personal  freedom.