People are desperate for money and wins. When I say wins, I mean that people feel the need to make some progress towards a better life. The status quo is no longer the status quo, at that point, it feels like you’re moving backward.

When money gets tight, people tend to look for anything that soothes their anxiety and nerves. If you think that money doesn’t cause problems, you haven’t lived long enough. There is an old-money game called Sou Sou, which originated in Yoruba, Southern Africa. This new old money game has built a head of steam domestically here in America.


Sou Sou, spelled in several different ways is by all practical terms a money game called the plane game or more traditionally called a pyramid scheme. Sou Sou is historically prevalent with women due to the lack of income and savings. Today, men and women are looking to participate in easy money.

I sat in on a virtual meeting touting the amazing “investment opportunity” that is serious and a real business opportunity. The leader touts how if done properly, this is a sure bet, I mean sure things. LOL

The game is to commit a small amount of money, say $500.00 into the group and then recruit 2 other people into the group at the same level. After 28 days or so, you become the top person, and everyone under you gifts you $500.00. There are only 8 people per group so if everyone participates accordingly, you get $4,000.

See why they call it an investment? Dump in $500.00 and you can get $4000.00, seven times your money. The issue is that Pyramid schemes or money games are illegal.


The reason it’s illegal is that at some point when recruits run out, someone is left holding an empty bag. It is also subject to the annual gifting limits. Each individual is allowed to gift $15,000 annually and after that, there is the gift tax. Uncle Sam always wants his cut but also wants no one to get financially hurt.

The call I attended was very careful to not say certain words like a pyramid scheme or airplane. They used words like a savings plan, investment opportunity. Key red alarms were also the direction to only invite “trusted people” and to only “gift” monies to the one person directly. The group would not take possession of any funds.

The penalty for getting caught in a money game is a $1,000 fine and up to a year in jail. So if you had to forego your income for a year, that’s a very expensive game.

When something is so carefully worded and crafted, it is likely a serious problem and should be avoided.


Real investments take time and add real value. Yes, it’s fun to make a lot of money in a lump sum and it’s exciting to have it happen in a month. The reality is that the risk involved in investing is normally not dependent on others but a company. Maybe if you are investing in yourself, there is some risk but I consider that a sure bet.

Invest in making your money grow long term. Short term gains are just that short, not to mention risky. Consider taking $500 a month and starting a business that solves problems for thousands of people. Create a recipe or website that delivers ongoing products and services. Invest in your talents and skills and fight to make them relevant and important.

Traditional investing won’t land you in jail. Did you know that 85% of self-made millionaires read 2 or more books a month and own investment real estate? The only people becoming millionaires from a money game is the creator of the game.


The toughest part is knowing where to start. Google is a great place to find any and everything. Begin to brain dump on your talents, skills, and work experiences. Correlate what you find to problems going on in society and holes people have in their lives. Pick two books that raise your knowledge and insights. Start reading The 24K Life Code, The only difference between mediocrity and Greatness.

You can also reach out to planners like and stretch to find your place in the world economy. The 7 Day Super Start is a great target to get you moving in an amazing direction. Joining a group of like-minded people looking to improve and network is a sure-fire way to build some excitement and direction.

Consider setting a goal to save up a certain amount to invest in your business, 401K, or personal savings plan. These are safer choices that will keep you out of jail.


The truth is that if you join one of these groups you will likely get your money back and more. The problem is that no one knows when the music will stop or if the cops will show up. Looking over your shoulder and understanding that you will be left standing alone in an all hell brakes loose scenario is really not worth the risk.

The other truth is what your parents always told you, If it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t.

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