Embrace your excellence if it’s the last thing you do in life. We all seem to hustle along working to barely get along. Many folks are told that is the right frame of mind to operate with.  The Acceptable base position in society is Mediocrity. The rich are jeered for having too much incredible confidence and the poor get looked down on because they have too little. The system would be all too satisfied if you accepted a position hovering around the middle.  How does hovering around mediocrity feel in your world?

Mediocrity in my world is completely unbearable. Doctor’s offices are notorious for keeping patients waiting for hours and grocery store lines have become never-ending.  People, places, and things that half-ass life are completely annoying.  Do you want a mediocre medical procedure or the best that you can get?  What about purchasing a pricey ticket item like a car? Want a lemon or every little screw better be in place and every electronic better work perfectly.  The reason mediocrity is unbearable in my world is because it usually comes at the death of greatness.


Mediocrity, average, mindlessness are all acceptable or we wouldn’t be talking about it. Why do the masses accept this as a way of life? Didn’t they ever hear to be careful what you ask for? As a result, people have become fixated on instant gratification. Remember the commercials that kept saying “but wait, there’s more?” Then they would finish by saying you pay the shipping and it will arrive in no time flat. The Item being pitched wasn’t great enough on its own so they had to throw in some ish to make it seem more than it was. Duh!

Because we live in a microwave society, our microwaved meals can never compete with a chef, a stove, and fresh spices.  People have lowered their expectations. Consider the results of your activity.  If you are producing excellence, you are on the right path. Because of your high standards, you will rise to the top.


Stop doubting that there is a powerful energy that guides you to fulfill your desires. Because You are blessed with this inner power you’re not even aware of. And You are limitless, so dream big and stop worrying.  When you show up 110% so will your incredible confidence.

What’s happening right now is for your ultimate good.  And never concede that you can’t benefit from it all because everything has a lesson hidden inside.

Because You are powerful beyond even your WILDEST dreams, the things you WISH you could be, do, or have, are all YOURS. Wake up tomorrow morning and live as if you are the person you envision in your dreams. Imagine the way you LONG to feel, believe, act, serve, show up every second like it’s all YOURS. 

There are people desperate for help that you can mentor and lead yet they are waiting for you.