The 24K Life Code E-Book


Are you ready to crack the code on personal success?

How often do you wonder what life would be like if you could live on your terms? While most of us haven’t come close to living the dream, the next best thing is to have a plan that gets you there. The 24K Life Code will give you access to the strategies and mindset required to create your ideal life.  

Transforming yourself to consistently deliver excellence in every area of your life by any means necessary is The 24K Life Code.   

This book addresses the actions essential to develop and implement your code in health, wealth, and mindset to live a life filled with abundance and freedom. 

“Master your mind and you will always be free.”

              – Derick G



24k LIFE CODE is about raising your standards to deliver your best. Once you decide to remove all of the limiting beliefs and bad habits that hold you back, you can begin to see more and more of your inner gold.  Once you see more gold, society will see it, too. In life, the best performers, athletes, lawyers, doctors, teachers, students, advisors, and any other professionals, get the most recognition and the most MONEY. They are living the dream rent free!

Be your best, bring your best, leave nothing to chance. 


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