There are pro tips for almost everything including how to launch into a venture or starting a deal.  Getting something new started always seems to be the most difficult part of any venture.  Some people get paralyzed by the idea of tackling anything that seems bigger than themselves while deeply wanting something greater.  Let’s look at 5 Pro Tips for starting any deal or launching your entrepreneurial enterprise.


Entrepreneurship by definition is the process of designing, launching and running a new business, which is often initially a small business.  Be creative, innovative, and willing to step out on your beliefs but don’t believe all of the hype.  Very few new endeavors are easy or fun.

Starting a business or planning to tighten up that summer body? The rules are the same. The great thing about starting from scratch is that you must have the coordinates and destination in order to get what you want and know where you are going. Take these five tips and you will have a solid foundation to hold you true to your dreams.

  1. Take complete Inventory
  2. Set a Master Goal
  3. Create a Plan
  4. Take Action Daily
  5. Recalibrate Monthly

Taking complete Inventory

This allows you to assess where the potential shortages might be. Imagine going camping and buying everything for a trip from Cabela’s and at home you find out you have half  of the supplies you purchased in storage.  How many times have you decided to make dinner and stopped at the store to purchase what you need and you get home and don’t have one of the main ingredients.

Set a Master Goal

Once you know what you have and filled the holes, setting a master goal is the next move. A master goal is the one that all of the smaller and short term goals lead up to. This goal sets the time frame that you want to accomplish your plan in. It also helps keep yourself and any team members focused on deadlines and outcomes.

Create a Plan

Now that you know what, you can lay out how. Many people stop with the what. They know that want to start a small business selling online resale items but once they have a website or a few items, what should be next?  A plan to execute is the actual map to the red X where the treasure is buried. It will possibly lay out all of the roadblocks, obstacles, and priorities.

Take Daily Action

Taking consistent action is the best method to accomplishing anything great. Daily action means that your focus is where it needs to be and progress can more easily be measured. Understand that what you focus on daily is what will grow in your business and life.

Recalibrate Monthly

The world is moving fast and if you let too much time pass before you assess and reassess your success, you may end up dead in the water. Tracking your moves on a monthly basis is jut enough time to measure if you are moving in the right direction. This timeframe also alerts you to the fact that you may have to change direction.


Starting a business or new venture is exciting and fun. Rarely will someone set out to deliberately do less so understanding how to do more is important.  This is especially true when you are struggling with where to start your new found venture.  These pro tips for starting any deal is vital to the start, pace, and finish of any project.  You can be a shooting star or you can just flame out, it all depends on what you choose.

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