How strongly are you committed to what’s in your head or heart?  The level of your certainty is congruent with the level of the results that you will experience.

When you hope or wish for something to happen, the possibility that it will happen is exactly that, a possibility, a 50/50 chance.

As you cement your resolve, you increase the likelihood that it will appear or happen in your life. 

3 Steps To Powering Up

What you think is within your complete control. In order to elevate your thoughts and beliefs, you have to consider how badly you wan to do it.  Are you willing to stand up like a big boy or girl and handle your business?

What negative crutches can you remove so that you can stay firm on more solid ground?  Since childhood, we have been taught to be good little ones and follow instructions and to mind our elders. 

The issue with this is that it takes away from autonomous and creative thinking. Are you ready to stop being a sheep and become the shepherd of your life?

Stop being a follower and decide to lead! Make the decision even if it’s only to lead yourself because no one knows better than you where you want to go!

Step One

Take charge and change your vocabulary. Begin your transformation by removing negative and self-deprecating words from your daily word choice.  Keep track of every negative word spoken out loud by noticing it and stamping it out of your head. You are going to be stunned by how much you beat yourself up. We think over 50,000 thoughts a day.  That is a heaping ton of bad juju if you are a negative thinker.

By taking account of each negative verbal word and eliminating it, you get closer to a higher level of certainty. You are actually distancing yourself from fear and doubt.

Step Two

Begin immediately replacing the negative self-deprecating words with positive words of support and affirmation. It’s not enough to just stop saying negative things although it is a great start. Crossing over and creating a positive replacement thought or word is even more powerful than just stopping the negative flow. 

It is as simple as turning “I can’t” into “I hope I can”. As you take this second step and repeat it along your day, you will find and feel more positive and powerful.


Step Three

A major move in powering up your mind is a quick change to stop all negative conversations with yourself or others. Having conversations that don’t move you to an empowering direction is simply wasting time.  Put your energy and time to good use by building positive conversations.

People love to gossip, put others down, and point out people’s shortcomings. Doing this somehow makes the instigator feel better about their pitiful state of being. Degrading others simply exemplifies the lack of confidence and self-love that is necessary to continuously grow.  In order to lift someone up, you have to already be higher.  Pushing others down so you can “feel” higher is just a lie the weak tell themselves to feel superior. 

The Real Power

Changing the conversation internally and externally brings confidence and the resolve that you are growing and prospering your world. By building this muscle, you will inevitably get stronger and build an inner foundation that can withstand any attack. These three moves will put an incredible wind in your sails that will blow you towards your life’s dreams and reality.

Something like this seems easy to do but is rather complicated and takes time to implement.  It is important to do all you can to stay on track and begin to build your foundation.  Click here to ask Derick Gant how to start placing your first brick toward your fortress.

Derick Gant is an American entrepreneur, investment consultant, and author of the 24K Life Code. He invests in people, commodities, and communities. He has spent over 20 years helping people to shed fat physically and mentally to become the best version of themselves. 

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