Now Is The Time!

Time is unrelenting, and things seem to continue to churn on business as usual. Tough remains tough, and the simple keeps pressing on as simple. Nothing changes unless you change it. It’s a fact, and know that your future depends on it. Your kingdom will come when you believe you deserve it and act on it by creating ordinary habits.





Most people are looking for an extraordinary result from a miraculous source, and it’s not going to happen 9 out of 10 times. That is why it’s called a miracle. You have to be willing to create your own miracle by taking action.

What will you initiate, dedicate, and sacrifice to hit the mark? I didn’t say or. I said and. You have to be willing to initiate contact to get the ball rolling. Nothing serious or long-lasting begins by accident.

Are you finally ready to build wealth, buy that dream home, raise your credit, and live without borders?

Start Your Engine

You better have an idea that you are turning into a plan. If not, get at it TODAY! It takes ordinary steps to create extraordinary wealth. You want personal freedom. To get it, you must initiate and implement daily habits that transcend your feelings and desire to sleep in, overeat, and procrastinate.

Please don’t wait until it seems too late to make it happen. First, it’s never too late, however, we may feel it is and therefore takes a dim perspective on possible outcomes—demand from yourself the will to press through this time.

Honor Yourself

You have not hit your goals because you have yet to dedicate yourself to your cause. It’s your fricking cause. Who else is going to join your push if you are half in and half out?

Dedication breeds consistency, and that fosters trust in yourself to honor the process and deliver over and over. You are planting seeds of doubt and distrust when you break your word to yourself.

Athletes that shoot a thousand shots to hit that game-winner are not shocked or surprised. They hit that shot in practice so many times, and it’s just expected to drop in anytime they make a move. They don’t have to wonder, and they trust themselves because it has become a given.

Dedication begins at home.

Offer To The Gods

We have discussed invitation and dedication, now come sacrifice. In the past, many civilizations offered blood sacrifices to the gods as a symbol of their sincerity. The sacrifice, even biblically, was never the worst of the crops; it was the BEST.

Are you giving your best or just enough to get the job done? My motto, “Be your best, bring your best,” is not simply a motto. It is a PERSONAL CODE, a way of life; it is your identity and a way of life.

Extraordinary is birthed from the ordinary. Sacrifice your all to deliver your best and reap the favor of the gods. That favor is the blessing of living a free lifestyle. The 24K Life code is living unapologetically on terms that define your highest self unconditionally.

Life demands sacrifice and the sooner you accept this, the closer you will be to living the life.

Is This You?

You might be thinking I wrote this for you, I did but I didn’t. I wrote this for myself. To remind and encourage my greatness to spring forward. The seeds have been planted, watered, and fertilized. It is now time for HARVEST.

There is no harvest that turns 100% produce. At most, you can expect a 20% return will result and that is actually ok. You and I have tended the crops so long the harvest is vast and plenty. A 20% success rate will make a mark so vast the world has no choice but to take notice and honestly you don’t care what they notice.

Living off the fruits of your labor in a manner that suits you is all the notice and reward you need.

No matter how hard the world pushes you to conform, be resolute to have the inner fortitude to be stronger and push back even harder.