People will talk about sex, politics, or their families but never money.  All of these cause people to get uncomfortable in a group discussion but money-talk drives people nuts. In my book, The 24K Life Code, I explain the lie that we have all been taught about money and a few other things.  Money can buy you happiness as well as education, health, time, and choices.

The people that don’t believe this is resigned to stay in the poverty-stricken mindset their parents handed down to them. They seem to always be living on the edge of barely enough and simple survival. Poverty is a mindset, not a financial position, it just manifests itself in not having enough resources. 

The Problem with Money

  1. Money gets a bad rap. We are taught from an early age that it is corruptive and biblically it is the seed to a gluttonous life.  Because of these falsehoods, we adopt a mindset that it’s better to be poor and hapless than rich and of service.
  2. No one teaches management. There is no place in life that personal money management is taught institutionally. Not in schools, colleges, or at home. People let their emotions manage their monetary choices and the results are usually painful.
  3. There is never enough. As with anything the more you get the more it takes. The truth is there is enough if you are willing to go get it. We believe there are limited resources and limited access and that we will never be able to get our share.

The Truth about Money

  1. Money is energy. Almost everything we need and do is initiated with a dollar. It is very little in life that is free. The healthiest foods cost more, the best doctors and lawyers cost more, it’s safe to say that freedom costs money.
  2. Money solves a lot of problems.  The number one cause of divorce is financial disruption and half of the marriages fail. Money brings higher education and that gives you more options. Options and choices are what allows us to get closer to living out our purpose.
  3. Poverty is not a key to sainthood.  The more you have the more you can do. The age-old story about poverty and being humble is a bunch of hogwash.  It is your obligation to be your absolute best and produce as much as you can to solidify your family and those you influence. You can’t help anyone if you have nothing but words to give.

Given a choice, decide to accept the fact that money can buy happiness as well as transform your mindset and wallet.  You can keep a stronghold on old thinking or you can step into the truth and accept that there is enough to go around. You deserve an amazing life with all the amenities, you just have to work your butt off to get it.



Financial Freedom is the Goal

Never forget that the real value of money is to buy personal freedom. Money brings:






All of which are essential to a 24K Life, a life that gives you access to it all.