Message Failed to Send

How many times do you think about your life and ask God or the universe for something special to happen?  Dozens if not hundreds, right? Why does it always feel like our request has returned to us like an email message failed to send?  Is the request too large, too small, are we so insignificant that it just doesn’t get through all of the noise?

What’s the request?

The first issue is what are you asking? Are you asking for something that is within your control or out of your control? You can’t ask for another man’s watch and expect that he will take it off and hand it to you just because the universe told him. However, you can ask for the universe for the same watch of your very own.

Do you believe You’re deserving?

If you don’t believe the thing you are asking is for you with all of your mind and heart, you most likely won’t get it. We get what we believe we deserve and should have. If you can’t believe it, it will not happen as you will sabotage the chances of it arriving because of your doubt and negative self-talk.

Are you Wishy-Washy?

When you decide you want something, are you set on that thing or are you on to the next request before you have fully thought through the first request?  We live in a microwave solution society. I want it, and I want it right now.  Telling or asking God/universe for something new constantly is proof you never wanted the thing you asked for in the first place.  Be steadfast in what you really want and hold a vision of it in your mind at all times. It is vital to be clear and singularly focused on what you truly want.

Are you willing to Do Your Part?

Things don’t just fall in your lap or magically appear. You have put some elbow grease in or some skin in the game.  There are no unicorns and magic elves that will help you meet a quota or lose 20 lbs.  Look closer at anyone that you think has a fairy godmother and you will see someone that gets up and goes after what they want. They are willing to put in the work and because of that, they get to celebrate the spoils. Did your message fail to send because you never took the letter out of the draft folder or worse didn’t finish writing it?


Resending the Message

For the past 6 weeks, I have been riding in the car with the radio off in silence. I didn’t start doing it for any reason other than one day whatever was on the radio got on my nerves and every station I tried was irritating. I rode in silence that day and the next and then the next.

I started to feel more inner peace and I had less noise and distraction in my thoughts. I was thinking and seeing things more clearly outside the car at work, home, and on projects. It works so well, I stopped texting and driving and even talking on the phone as often as possible.

When you are looking to resend your most important message, take the time to

  • Review the request for sincerity.
  • Believe you deserve it with your whole heart
  • Be Focused on It with deep intensity
  • Do your part by any means necessary
  • Send the message as many times as necessary

Cheers to wishing on a star!


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