How will you start your transformation?

Are you desperate to move forward with all the momentum and force you need to skyrocket your life?  

Tired of thinking about living your best life?

Tired of hearing about it?

Think you’re ready actually to live it?

Do you now know you deserve it?

Being tired and thinking about it is not enough to launch into your greatness! You can not leave your life to just thinking about anything anymore. You have to go past the thinking and begin to see it as well as believe it. After you have become comfortable seeing and believing, you have to be ready to take MASSIVE ACTION.

Yup, that’s the subject matter of this article how to take massive action.Take Action

What is Taking Massive Action?

Let’s be real, only 20% of the people in my timeline will stop and look at this post. Of the 20% that look, only 20% of those folks will click on the link and actually read it. Of the 20% that read it, only 20% will take any action. This is the 2% principle. The principle explains how a successful self-made person gets what they need and want.

Consider the following formula:

1000 People look at a post

x   20% (Basic Action)


= 200 People will click on the post


200 Clickers

x   20% (Interested Action)


= 40 People who will read it


40 Readers

x  20% (Above Average Action)


= 8 People will take action on what the post recommends


8 Action Takers

x  20% (High Achievers Action)


= 1.6 People will stay at it long enough to get results

Who Are the 2%?

The number 1.6 rounded up represents 2% of people who are the absolute best in their profession.  There is no profession or subject matter left out. The 2% principle is blind to money, sex, race, or political affiliation.  Its only concern is that the cream rises to the top.  

anyone can be rich

The formula that I have laid out is a universal principle.  If you have ever wondered how the top 2% of the most successful people in any particular industry is achieved, this is how. 

  1. Keep pressing forward no matter how uncomfortable you feel.
  2. Be the one that takes a risk.
  3. Decide you are worthy of living your best life. 
  4. Never be afraid to put in the work. Hours and thousands of more hours of work mastering your craft. 
  5. Commit that no matter what you are not going to be denied.  

Can You Join Derick Gant The 24K Money Coach & the 2% Club?

The exciting and interesting part is that you can be in any one of these groups you want. What groups? The group that:

  • Are just looking. (100%)
  • Decided to click only. (20%)
  • Did the initial work and stopped. (4%)
  • Went all the way to completion. (2%)

When you decide to lift your head up and set your eyes forward never deviating from your gaze, you can make it to completion. 

I am not in any way talking about silver spoon folks. You know, the people born with trust fund money in their cribs.  I am talking about people who did it from practically nothing. 

Are you willing to take a stand on your passions, gifts, or an idea or a product you believe in? Are you willing to be the master of that idea? 

Derick Gant The 24K Money Coach


Don’t want to be a joiner? Stop and forget what you read altogether. 


You can’t do this alone. If you could, you would have done it years ago. You are delusional and lying to yourself if you think you can do it alone. 

EVERY self-made TOP 2% achiever had a support team and a coach. They have advisors, teachers, doctors, and anything else that will get them to the top. 

You can’t reach GREATNESS with a MEDIOCRE mindset.  Read The 24K LIFE CODE.This is a book on leveling up your life code

Do you want to know how to make lasting change? Always be in the 2% club.