Commitment requires tenacity, and an undeniable belief that your efforts will produce the results you want.

To be successful, you have to achieve, and maintain consistency over longer periods of time. This won’t be easy. But, doing what you’ve always done will only get you what you already have. And, you want a better life. Right?

So, simply put – change the effort, change the result.

Some time ago, I set a goal to increase our company sales. We were doing ok, but to provide better value to our clients, we had to grow.

So, I gathered the team and developed a strategy for action:

First, I set a deadline, broken up by milestones that helped us measure our success along the way.

Next, we identified specific actions we needed to take to ensure success.

Last, we all defined our ‘Why’. The reason behind this new goal and its accompanying activities. Whether it was for reward or fulfillment, we all got clear about our collective and individual why.

We set put plan in motion, made course-corrections as we went along, and ultimately accomplished our goal… 45 days ahead of schedule.

I’m making an assumption that you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired of the life you’ve been living. You haven’t reached your potential, and you know you’ve got more inside of you. But, what have you committed yourself to?

You’ve got to know that change starts and ends with YOU. It your decisions and actions that create your life. Its your decisions and actions that cause you to continue living check-to-check and up to your eyeballs in debt. As long as you’re singing ‘woe is me’, you’ll be broke. Change your attitude and get in the game!

Let me help you map out a plan. This is free of charge! (wink!)

  1. Reset your mind. Write out a list of five things you want to change in your life. (They should be possible and realistic, but should force you to stretch!)
    • One example: I will have $5,000 in savings.
  2. Now that you’ve got clear goals, give them start and completion dates. broken up by milestones.
    • I will begin this coming Friday, and will reach my goal by June 1, 2017. I will save 5% of my weekly income towards this goal.
    • In order to be successful, I will make my own coffee at home and avoid Starbucks. I will also reduce my use of dry-cleaners.
  3. Get an accountability partner. This should be someone you trust, and will not allow you fail. Take a look at our Personal Improvement Plan 4, which provides you a certified and experienced partner from my team.

You can have the life you’ve always wanted, but its going to be work. Don’t fool yourself into faking action. Take decisive action today, and say enough is enough!