As I lay on my bed after an intense workout catching my breath and contemplating my Saturday, I saw them rise.

I often sit or lay down briefly to gather my thoughts and catch my breath from my daily morning workout. I wouldn’t say that I never fall asleep, but it’s mostly a chance for me to set my intentions for the day. This contemplation time is a way for me to push my thoughts forward toward my day. Some days no matter how I press or process, it just feels like it’s going to be a tough day.

This particular day, I lay on my perfectly made king bed after a crushing workout and cold shower. My eyes are closed, yet I’m fully awake, wondering if I have enough energy or strength to face another day. I’m listening to every thought that is racing through my head while taking into account every task, demand, and request on my plate. Before I could reach an answer or conclude a direction, I saw them rise.

  • The Spartan Warrior
  • The Beautiful Lover
  • The Dashing Prince
  • The Young Boy
  • The Mighty King
  • The Man

One by one, they rose from within me to a standing position, turning to look at me and walking forward. They moved swiftly but elegantly, each in their assigned tempo and grace. My fate was decided and I had no say, no choice. My destiny announced, we are up, standing tall, and moving forward.

The Spartan Warrior

The Warrior dressed in battle gear led the way saying without words that we are prepared to battle the day, the week, the month, life itself. He didn’t put his helmet on; it was already on and set. This told me emphatically that I am always ready and prepared to battle but I need to stand up.

The Beautiful Lover

She, yes, a woman rose out of me brown and beautiful and kissed me on my nose. She stood tall, looked at me, smiled, and turned to follow the Warrior. Firstly, I was shocked that a woman rose out of me. Secondly, she shared compassion and love from within me and expressed that it is a necessary part of life to move forward successfully. Feel the immense love and follow the Warrior for us to win.

The Dashing Prince

This guy has a fantastic future, things to discover, and the heritage to back him up. The prince knows who his father is and knows that he has a model for success. He is sharing the optimism of great things to come and the fact that we are on solid footing. Just rise and press forward to see the amazing things that life has yet to share.

The Boy

The boy is an essential key to the entire vision. On two separate occasions, my therapist has suggested that I find him and let him know that we are safe, loved, and worthy. He feels lost, alone, and scared that he is unworthy of love and compassion. He has presented himself to be led, carried, or otherwise attended. He eagerly raced with a smile to follow the Prince and Lover. Just being in their presence reassured him of his successful destiny.

The Mighty King

The Mighty King has faced many battles and wars and has not only survived them but thrived through them. He is mighty because he leads with the Warrior but allows his love and fears to be present. The King represents the things that I have successfully overcome and remained standing in character, morals, and strength. He not only leads, but he follows.

The Man

I, without hesitation, rose immediately and followed them to address my day. Today I am fearless, and whatever awaits me, I know that I am not alone. I have many years with many masters and they have prepared me to deliver my unique brand of greatness. I, The Man, am all that preceded me and assured that nothing but I, myself, could stand in my way. Together we are unstoppable. It’s time to face the day and to do it in an astonishing style.

Who Proceeds You

The question is, who are you? Who precedes you in your quest to live your best life? Is it a King or a Coward? There is no hiding. One day you too will catch a glimpse of who you are and where you are going? No matter where you are today, you can decide to become a Warrior, Lover, Princess, child, King, or Queen. I am grateful that I saw my true self. Had I been disappointed, it is my duty, my right to fire, execute, or eliminate anyone of them that doesn’t fit my vision of living my best life.

I can’t eliminate the boy, but I can teach him that we are adults now. I can assure him we are safe, secure, and destined for a great life filled with love, compassion, and God’s grace.

What will you tell your inner child?

By Derick Gant


Derick Gant is an American entrepreneur, investment consultant, and author of the 24K Life Code. He invests in people, commodities, and communities. He has spent over 20 years helping people to shed fat physically and mentally to become the best version of themselves. 

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