How To Restart Your Stalled Engine

Where do you restart for real for real when you are ready to stop starting over and get to business?

It’s a real thing not knowing where to start when you are lost or feeling stuck. Age doesn’t matter either. Just because you are considered old enough to know your next move doesn’t mean that you really understand what should be next. 

The biggest thing to remember when you are stuck is to turn inside before you look outside because the answer is always in there. 

The blessing and the curse is that everything you have, are, and will ever have springs from within and blossoms out. 


Isolate yourself.

You can’t hear, think, or process properly when you are in the midst of noise, chaos, or confusion. Other people can’t GIVE you a solution in dark times because they are the dark themselves. No one knows your trigger points, your history, or what calms you down. Only you know what feels right and once that right thought comes, how to act on it. 

When you isolate yourself, do it from everything. 

  • Social Media
  • Meeting Friends
  • Unnecessary Calls
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Internet Surfing
  • People

Get out into nature, our healing energy zone, and walk in the grass, by the ocean, or whatever calms your nerves.   

Take some time and sit quietly to listen to your inner voice. If possible, start with a small prayer for clarity and follow that up with a large portion of quiet.  Most identify this as meditation which has too many healing properties to squeeze into a post about restarting your engine. 

In isolation, you are not looking for any input just an opportunity to declutter and simplify your plate. 

How Long Should I be Isolated?

However long it takes. Only you will know when it’s time to reengage. Once you are feeling fresh and new, it will be a signal that it’s time to reemerge and get things flowing in a better direction. 

Like coming off a fast or diet, you should selectively reintroduce things maintaining full awareness as to their usefulness or foolishness. Allowing the latter to just resume is a surefire way to end up stuck or lost again. Enough of that ish. As an example, when you stop eating crappy foods for life, your life will be better. Maybe your toxic one or two social media accounts are gone for good!

Tap Into Your Greatness

Since you have taken the time to detox your life, hopefully, you can see the path that best fills your soul with sunshine. Something so much greater than the past but something you’ve known is within you and must come out of you in order to live your best life. 

Once I dedicated a whole year to writing a book, The 24K Life Code. The commitment wasn’t the year, it was the completion of the book. I had a book buried inside and it was looming to get out for well over 10 years. Not until I quieted myself did I realize how it was a constant undercurrent to my life’s feeling of incompletion. 

The joy, pride, and happiness from trusting myself, my passion, and my path was and remains overwhelming. Something I can look back on and say, “I did that, and I did it extremely well.” 

Now that a few years have passed since the completion of the book, I have quieted myself again and uncovered my next something so much greater than the past that I know I still must birth and share with the world. 

You have that same spark that’s waiting to become a raging fire. Tap into yourself and resurface a Pheonix ready to shed the past and spring forth greatness. 

What If I Need Help

There is no shame in seeking help. If we had all of the answers, we wouldn’t ever get stuck. Some answers are found in connecting with outside resources, experts, and things we could never see helping. 

The two biggest obstacles to getting help are fear and money.

People are afraid of what other people think of them if they come across as deficient. Welp, we are all deficient in some way and people who act like they have their ish all together are the biggest liars on the planet. 

Sure our complications are different and some seem worse than others but comparing ills is not going to get you back in the game. Don’t care where your guidance comes from as long as it’s great guidance. Tap into your intuition and feel the truth coming from outside sources deep within. You get to be your own “True North”. 

Money, the second obstacle to getting help seems real but how many times have you allowed the lack of immediate resources to stop you from getting something you HAD TO HAVE? 

People . . . . 

Don’t let your initial thought from hiring the perfect coach be, I can’t afford them. You are already struggling and for how many years? How much money have you wasted on BS remedies? BS ideas and shortcuts? 

INVEST in your number one asset, YOU, and get the help you need to become your best self and NEVER look back.