Today marks the beginning of the second half of the year and we would all agree that the first half was one of the worst of our communal lives. So many people fell off the wagon and to be honest, it felt like the wagon circled around and ran us over.  The ramifications of the pandemic, sheltered loneliness,  death, illness, and most of all fear, have been unbearable for so many.  People have gained uncomfortable weight, stressed out having breakdowns, not to mention the financial disparity that is the most crushing since the 1929 depression.

It sounds like the worst movie ever. The wonderful thing about movies is that we know the horror will end and a savior will rise to lift the darkness and save the day.  Well, this is not a movie but you are the author and lead actor in your movie. You can be the hero and heroine of your movie.


I watched a young lady during the shelter in place that set a goal on January 1st to participate in 200 spin workouts for the year 2020. She, just like everyone else was faced with the world shutting down mid-March. At the time of the shutdown, she was on track and proud to announce it every workout. As she faced the reality that her goal was in dire jeopardy, she didn’t fold or quit. She found a way to access a bike and stay on task. 

So many people purchased spinning bikes during this time and let them sit in the corner unused, but not Molly. Every chance, almost every day, she posted the results of her spin workout. Molly wrote her own script and I know at the end of her movie, she is the victorious heroin.


We all have the capacity to invest in our dreams, goals, and desires. As we overcome weakness and despair, focusing on the thing that we most want, we can be victorious. How are you handling your Dilemma?

Are you pouring everything you have into getting better?

Are you improving your mind and body?

Every hour of every day are you aware of where you are heading?

Are you having an uplifting conversation of support and encouragement with yourself?

Are you searching for solutions to your specific problem unceasingly?

As of today, you can officially determine your strengths or weaknesses. How you handled yourself the first half of this year is a true indication of where you are strong and where you need strength.


It is not and never will be too late for you to work out your issues and improve your strengths.  The truth is that you must recognize that work needs to be done and most importantly be willing to do the work.  If it were easy, you would have already conquered self. You need to replace your 12-month plan with a six-month plan.

A six-month plan is a vote to change your life. You are not looking to make a six-month change but a change that will last forever.  The next six months is a test of your focus, will, and tenacity. Deep within you is the making of the master and ruler of your own life right now. When you walk outside, recognize the feel and pull that the universe has your back and wants you to win.

Put out the new you. Push it before you as walk into any room, conversation, and every opportunity you have. Start today and don’t rest until you have the life you desire, dream of, and know you deserve.  Set your own 24K Life Code!

Derick Gant is an American entrepreneur, investment consultant, and author of the 24K Life CodeHe invests in people, commodities, and communities. He has spent over 20 years helping people to shed fat physically and mentally to become the best version of themselves. 

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