The truth is that you have to uncover a formula that works best and is suited to you.

When you read a book on someone else’s success or watch a documentary of a radically successful person’s life, it’s their life. You didn’t have the same circumstances, traumas, or life motivations.

We are all different and respond to success and failures on a unique basis. The single most significant fallacy in life is that you can replicate someone else’s success. Open your eyes and see exact replication is damn near impossible.


Studying someone’s tools, reactions, and adjustments are all possible aids to your plan. The 24K Life Code is a book of tools, strategies, and tactics that you can adapt to your unique situation. Find a resource that has demonstrated success and dismiss the obvious and look for the pattern.

Does your role model have habits that were implemented for long periods? There are incredibly very few instances of overnight success. You can’t learn someone’s charisma, but you can follow a social media strategy or a fitness plan.

You might not be as handsome, tall, or gifted as the Rock, but you can follow his meal plan or his morning routine. He shares a lot of his habits and tools to create a body and mindset of a winner.

You can be a better version of yourself with some personal open honesty of your shortcomings.


Do you have a plan or vision of what you truly want? Most people like what they see in others, and they never know the struggle the person went through to land in their ideal spot. We are so simple-minded that we think that others’ success was easy or otherwise handed to the person. Most winners have become so only after years of intense focus and commitment.
How dare you belittle the years and hours of struggle and toil to the top.

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. Some Tik Toc folks have struck goofy gold, or someone is paid just because they are considered beautiful. No worries. Ask yourself if that’s you. If not, get with the guarantee.

Get a plan, a vision, a goal, and you find those items help you focus on your purpose and desire. The longer you hold an idea of your best life in your head, the faster it will manifest in life. Think of nothing, and you will accomplish nothing. You will remain a porch watcher. Layout your plan, and then get in the game. The game is the best way to guarantee your win.


Do you like waiting for your food to arrive from a delivery person, or would you prefer to get it yourself? Do you watch infomercials about magic weight loss gimmicks, or do you go to the gym? Are you researching how to start your new business, or are you waiting on someone to hit you back with some details?

Waiters are always going to wait. Maybe your food shows up hot and correct according to the order, or perhaps it’s all screwed up. You guarantee that you take matters into your own hands and surround yourself with the tools (including people) that are perfect for fulfilling your vision. The issue is that you, yes, you have to be the primary driver of your race car, ship, or captain of your team.

Guaranteeing success is a job that is accomplished by a very few folks, the top 5%. The top 5% has nothing to do with money and everything to do with taking consistent massive action.

Life is managed by energy. EVERYTHING is energy. According to the law of perpetual motion, you must get a positive forward movement in your life, creating momentum. The struggle.

Of course, getting started is the biggest hurdle. Keeping things going is the second hurdle. When you get past these two hurdles, things begin to move all by themselves, and you are left to steer the ship.

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