The adage ‘be careful what you ask for’ is exactly what focused expansion is about. The mere fact that you are asking for something is an indication that you are focused on what you want or need. The issue is that you are praying for a lot and your online shopping cart is overflowing. The reality is that what you focus on expands, grows, and becomes the center of your life.

A few years ago I decided to lose 25 lbs and a set in motion a plan to do so successfully. As I mapped out my training, nutrition, and sleep, I didn’t consider the effect my plan would have on others or my finances. I attacked my plan with elite precision and focus.  Things were going great until I noticed that I was so focused on losing the weight that I was obsessed with getting on the scale. I would easily jump on the scale 4-5 times a day.

I would hop on before workouts after workouts and definitely before bed and first thing in the morning.  I also began to neglect some of my work as I added gym workouts. My team began to get frustrated when I complained about the appointments they scheduled during my perceived potential workouts.  The results were I accomplished my goal but put a big damper on the rest of my life.

Find Your Focus

The first step to successfully expanding your focus is to find it. We get on our knees to pray and ask for many things. Night after night we ask for the hot topics in our life, health, wealth, and happiness. We make request for our kids, parents, and loved ones. Finding your focus is about taking an assessment of your needs and wants in grand detail.

During this first step, put all of your ideas on the table so that you don’t discount anything that may be an important part of your plan.  Write down your wishes no matter how wild you consider them.

When thinking about how to grow your money fast, think in terms of new streams of income. The average millionaire has 7 streams of income so you may have a lot of catching up to do! Assess your position and begin to think through it.

Narrow Your Focus

You have too much to focus on at once so a narrowing the field is now in order. Everything you wrote is most likely valid but it’s far too much to successfully focus on more than 2-3 things at one time. Take your list and categorize it in the following manner:

Necessary or Essential:

  • Now
  • Next 12 months
  • Next 3 years
  • Next Five years
  • Lifetime

Once you have narrowed these down, you can prioritize them in order of importance. Health is always a solid place to start followed by personal development and money. Chose two or three to focus on and begin to consider the results of having these things.

When focusing on money, consider creating a financial budget and drumming down to what monies remain for building wealth.  This is a great time to eliminate excess spending and frivolous purchases.  Once you have identified funds available, open a separate account, and begin to systematically make deposits.

Most likely, it will be impossible for you to become wealthy by saving your way to the top. This means that your second step is to figure out how to make a second stream of income ASAP.

Perfect Your Focus

Just like I mentioned earlier, I had a plan and it was successfully implemented but it was only singularly successful.  It was one step forward and two steps back. Learn from me, you can do better than I did.

If the priority is important enough, hopefully, it will be a lifestyle change that lasts forever.  This is the first step to not eating the entire elephant in one big bite, meaning that you don’t have to focus so intently on one thing that it’s the only thing on your list. Of the items you picked, make sure they are in different areas of your life.

Each area needs its separate plan and then a combined master plan to include daily habits and actions items. If you give yourself time to accomplish these items, make sure it is a minimum of 66 days.  It takes at least 66 days to create a new automatic habit or replace an old habit.  Success takes time and you need to be thinking long term.

Perfecting your money focus should be centered on identifying which streams of income are most likely next on your availability list.  Begin to focus on that single point and expand it until it’s exhausted.  Every dollar possible should be stacked up in a separate account ready to be used for your next stream of income.

Expand Your Focus

Once you have narrowed and perfected your focus, you need to apply the principle of sowing and reaping.   If you truly want to expand, focus all of your sowings on everything related to the core items you selected.  Every acorn has an oak tree inside of it and every tree can be the base of a forest. Don’t overlook consolidating your energy on collecting as many acorns as possible, it can lead to maximum expansion.

Expanding your focus means that you will have to minimize everything and anything possible leaving room to expand your focus.  Expanding your focus is really all about getting laser-focused on just a few key goals that will help you achieve all that you can be.

When you get laser-focused on your money, you will understand why the wealthy account for all of their dollars. Every dollar has a duty and you need to assign your dollars a job.  Some are for bills while other dollars are for building wealth.  Knowing what your dollars are doing is vital to building momentum or in monetary terms, compounding growth.  Once you get multiple streams of income and compounding growth on your side, just keep repeating the process over and over.