August 2013

April 2012

Minimizing Your Debt

By |2012-04-03T11:38:58-06:00April 3rd, 2012|Blog, Debt|

minimizing your debt The third step in the 7 steps to wealth is minimizing your debt. It's been a while so the first step is to equip yourself with the right tools, while the [...]

December 2011

Rent Free but not Stress Free

By |2011-12-29T15:37:08-06:00December 29th, 2011|Debt|

Many home owners looking to fight to stay in their homes may have a free ticket for a while but are they looking over their shoulder. There are good and bad stories with the do's [...]

October 2011

Layaway’s Return

By |2011-10-18T16:16:50-06:00October 18th, 2011|Debt|

As a child, I remember being dragged to the store and forced to try on item after item only to find out none of it was coming home with me. Of course by this point, [...]

June 2011

Getting Real With Debt

By |2011-06-30T22:09:30-06:00June 30th, 2011|Debt|

Many people have a general view of their financial situation and debt plays a major role in that picture. Acquiring debt is much like a bad semester in school. Mentally take off one semester and [...]


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