Don’t Believe the Hype is a Lie

Every day we are faced with a magnitude of people, responsibilities, and options that can be bigger than our lives. If you stop and listen to the news, your coworkers, or society at large, they will gladly tell you what you should be thinking, feeling, and doing.

The hype, or the noise as I call it, is real because it builds enough momentum to distract us from the activities that should matter in our day to day lives. 

What Hype

Don’t worry if you don’t know what the hype is because you are not supposed to know. The hype is any distraction outside of anything you purposefully place in your life as a necessity to succeed. Still, lost? 

  • Politics 
  • Super Bowl
  • Superstar TMZ rant
  • Neighbor Drama


The Great Bundinni 

Bundinni Brown was one of the greatest hype men of all time. He was the voice in the ear of the world’s greatest champion boxer Muhammad Ali. His job as a hype man was to remind the champ of how great he was. The role was so vital that it was the only thing he was paid to do. 

The reality is you must get your voice or hype so loud that it drowns out any and every other distraction. What are you telling yourself daily to stay focused and push your life forward? Create your 24K Life Code hype and own so deep it’s the only thing you hear. 


The Keys to Golden Hype

Success always leaves clues, you just need to pull out your magnifying glass. To build your hype game up, you need seven unbreakable steps.

See the Plan

Things always go better when you have a clear view of what you need, want, and where you are going. Have you ever noticed how organized and simple things look when you look down from a tall building or while you are sitting in an airplane a mile high? Get your mind’s eye a more elevated view and keep it there. 

Set your Plans in Stone

You have a plan, but do you believe it will work? If you don’t utterly cement yourself in what you will do, anything can veer you off the course. I promise you no one will buy into an idea or concept that you have created for yourself more than you do. You have to see it and believe it. 

Plan on It

A bright idea thoroughly flushed out from end to beginning is critical. Start with the completion of what you are looking to accomplish and work backward to the starting point. Reverse engineering an idea is the best way to make sure you have a solid plan. 

Take Massive Action

Everyone has a plan until it’s time to pull the trigger. Don’t wait or let anything stop you from getting your plan into action. It is the most critical step in creating the hype that you will continuously hear in your head. Action breeds success, and continual massive efforts produce big wins. 

Focus on It

The rub of this entire article is that the wrong hype distracts you from being an amazing mother, employer, business owner, or whatever it is you are looking to do. Make your focus so narrow that all you can see is what you have placed on your agenda. 

Recalibrate and Restart

You most likely have never been where you are trying to go. Because this is a new frontier, you don’t know everything required to succeed. Therefore it is essential to review your path, make adjustments, and restart as often as necessary. Don’t let ego or fear of failure stop you from asking for a better direction.  

Creating your hype and believing it is the best way to transform your life. Understand that if it were easy, everyone would be doing it. The question you have to ask consistently is do I believe the hype?