What season are you in your life? Winter? Spring? Summer? Maybe Fall? It’s time for a new season of prosperity

I hate to share this news but you are in the season that you most recently planted seeds.  Yes, you are the reason you are where you stand, sit, or lay.  We are where we are because of the decisions we have made.

Don’t Blame Me

I use to look everywhere outside of me to determine why things didn’t work out the way I planned. It had to be some outside roadblock or obstacle that was the cause of my bad fortune.

Ever blames your body type or genetics because you are out of shape, maybe overweight? It’s in my jeans that I am this way.  My entire family is just larger than average and it’s out of my hands.

What about work? Can’t get your project done or calls made because a co-worker is interfering with your completion? Or maybe you keep telling ourselves you will get to it later and or you have writer’s block so you will circle back later. 

Until you take radical ownership of every decision you ever made you will continue to plant seeds in poor soil.  We all must own what we have done because it gives us the power to control where we are going and how fast we will get there.

Your True Power

Your true power grows when you can control your destiny. If you understand that people think about themselves 95% of the time, you are in poor hands if you are waiting on anyone or anything outside of yourself to get something done. Owning your shit gives you the right to deny outside interference and people not in your corner.

Your raise, next job, or weight loss is on you, 100%.

We all need support from outside sources to accomplish our greatest goals but you are in charge of who you select to be in your inner circle of support.  Choose wisely and fire poor performers fast.

It’s Time to Harvest

Be your number one cheerleader. Go inside for your greatest motivation and support. If the tools aren’t in place, get them in place today and every day forward.

Put yourself in Spring Season by planting hundreds of thousands of seeds and water them daily. The seeds you plant and nurture are the fruits of your labor tomorrow.  I want my life to be a virtual harvest so I’m must remain planting, pruning, and pulling weeds. Even if you hire a gardener, it’s still your job to oversee and take responsibility for their results.

Own it, it’s your season!

Derick Gant is an American entrepreneur, investment consultant, and author of the 24K Life Code. He invests in people, commodities, and communities. He has spent over 20 years helping people to shed fat physically and mentally to become the best version of themselves.





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