When I was a kid, I distinctly remember running to my mom to tattle on my sibling. Most of the time my issue was a toy that was broken and I just knew it was done on purpose.  As kids or even adults, we believe things are mostly done on purpose and with a specific intent. The reality is that most people are living by accident.

Each of us have 60,000 – 70,000 thoughts a day.  We only recognize or address approximately 2,000 of those thoughts a day. That potentially means 58,000 thoughts are running around on a rampage with no supervision. What if your prevailing thoughts happen to be negative or self destructive?

It’s no surprise that the past years of our lives mirror our current circumstance and people feel like they are in  a vicious cycle.

How many goals have you set and not met? How many new years resolutions have you made only to bail within days of the new year?

As unfair as this may seem, you can change TODAY and for the rest of your life. In order to  change, consider controlling those 2,000 conscious thoughts thru personal transformation.

Begin To End

The reason we find ourselves stuck in years of predictable reoccurring chaos is because we fail to truly identify a purpose greater than our current desires.  Wanting a bigger house or better car is a wonderful dream or goal, but the truth is you already have shelter and transportation. That goal is not a life’s purpose. It is going to be tough for that goal to keep you engaged, focused and successful. Obtaining your goals and dreams can be an overwhelming accomplishment. The GOLD is in who you become during the process of your journey.

People shy away from real introspective Work

What are you good at?

What do you love?

How can you change your life, community, nation, or the world?

What is your purpose that is greater than you?

Set your life on a path that lines up with your purpose, beliefs, and intentions. This is an important step in discovering what it takes to live your goals and dreams. 

We all want something that we currently don’t have and set goals and dreams in order to obtain them. That is just one step. (ASKING)

Set and hold your focus on what you want.

Understand that the thing you want, isn’t going to arrive alone.

Who will you become along the way?

What will you need to let go of?

What do you need to gain?

  • clarity
  • intuition
  • love
  • ingenuity

Move beyond the surface distractions and tap into your deepest desires, the ones that will change the world. You will rarely wonder where the time has gone because you will see it in the results. Be The Change.


“Be Your Best, Bring Your Best, Leave Nothing to Chance.”


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Derick Gant is an American entrepreneur, author, speaker, motivator and personal performance coach. Gant is a respected, highly regarded advisor whose passion is teaching people how to master themselves, their world, and their future. His books, packages, and seminars provide people of all backgrounds with the practical tools required to secure their personal  freedom.