Look around. Everybody in the room has a great idea. Look again. How many of them are actually doing anything about it? Ideas sound great in your head. In your head, there is no pain, effort, or struggle. Everything is so simple.

Oh, think of how amazing your life is gonna be! Imagine the long lines of people who will support you and your dream. The hundreds who will fuel your ambition. And the investors. Ah yes, the investors, who are just waiting for you to show them your invention so they can throw hundred dollar bills at you, just to get a piece of the action. Everything is just waiting on you… the world is your oyster, remember?

So, you tell your friends about your idea. You’re excited, and they will be too, right? Instead…

“That will never work.” 

You’re going to start a big company, huh? Yeah right.”

“Hmmm. Good luck with that.”

Maybe they just didn’t understand. Maybe you didn’t quite explain it right. So, you try again, trying to get them excited about your new idea.

Nope. Rejection!

“Just get a job”, they said. “Nobody makes it from here”, they said.

Most people are lazy. And comfortable being lazy.

Mediocrity is a comfortable place for many people. And like the flu, it’s contagious. 

Eagles don’t flock with pigeons. And, pigeons don’t know how to behave around eagles. Eagles do eagle things. Be an eagle.

The Pigeon complains….

“The eagle flies to high”

“The eagle is aggressive”

“The eagle has too few friends”

Misery loves company. So either be miserable and stay with the pigeons, or be miserable for a little while so you can learn how to be an eagle.

Your dream is your dream.

It’s yours. Not theirs. Go make it real. Ignore the haters. There is no other way. Ignore the lazy. Their words can harm you if you let them. Get rid of your old team, and find a new one. A new network of go-getters is the only way to stay motivated.

It’s possible.

You can live your dreams

You can live your dreams

You can live your dreams

You can live your dreams… if you decide to put in the work.

Your ideas will leave you and go be with someone else. Stop letting them. 

It won’t be easy. But it will be worth it.