Financial Balance is a philosophy that is worth pursuing for many years. The average person simply needs to be able to live their day to day lives uninterrupted without obtrusive interference. The above average person craves something much greater!

Financial Balance covers Savings, Debt, Credit, Cash-Flow, Net Worth, and Passive Income. As the word balance indicates, these 6 elements work in harmony to produce a symphonic tune of Financial Freedom.

Financial Balance is a lifestyle choice that affords a solid foundation built on great credit, strong savings, and positive cash-flow. A financially balanced life means that you can make decisions based on your heart and your head. Most financial decisions are made in the head.

When we were young we learned that 2 minus 2 equals 0. Great math! If you have $2.00 and want a $2.00 candy bar, you will have a happy tongue and  owe no one anything. The problem

begins when you want a $4.00 candy bar and you borrow $2.00 at 21% interest. Financial Balance would dictate that the tongue will just have to wait.

This first stage is a challenge all in and of itself. Let’s look at Credit.

Credit is quickly becoming the measuring stick used to assess each and everyone of us on a variety of platforms. Traditionally, credit simply indicated a borrowers ability to pay back or pay off an account that gave you goods with the understanding that you would pay it back soon but not right now. An old credit application was a handshake.

Today, laughably, you need a body cavity exam and a calculator to get credit.

  1. Credit determines if you can buy a car at a fair price or a ridiculously costly price.
  2. Credit determines if you can get a loan to go to college and improve your income.
  3. Credit determines at what rate your auto insurance cost  you.
  4. Credit determines your character. (Debatable!)
  5. Credit determines if you can access the traditional American Dream of home ownership.

If you are reading this and think you like the idea of Financial Balance and Financial Freedom, please don’t be fooled into thinking that it just comes to you. Financial Balance takes a plan, a system, and a commitment to excellence. The TRUTH is that we can all have it, we just have to DECIDE that it’s POSSIBLE…. SIMPLY BELIEVE you deserve it.

I would love to discuss how you can create a Financially Balanced Lifestyle right within your current resources…