A Guaranteed Personal Winning Ticket is in your future if and ONLY if you play the right game. 

The new not so new Powerball lottery planned the single largest jackpot years ago. 1.5 BILLION dollars to a single winner. A measly $22 million a year for 30 years, if only I could of would of should of I’d be all set forEVER…. Sound familiar?

Millions and Millions of us doled over $10 – $20 dollars because you have to be in it to win it, right? The reality is that with the new changes in the number (increasing the ball # up to 69 from 59) the odds of winning increased 175 million – 1 to  292 million – 1.

The truth is, YOU’RE not going to win…. because I am!!! That is the mentality the game has placed in us all. I’m special and I will win and help the rest of you chumps later.  As financial specialist, we see clients everyday operate on the magic money principle.

The magic money principle is the strategy used when you spend money you know you don’t have on items that you don’t need and expect those dollars to reappear before the rent is too late. The problem is it never reappears on time and in the right amount. Play the right game in 2016!

The Smart Money game is a guaranteed personal powerball win for you. This game is very difficult to play but offers a guarantee you will win if you finish the game. There is only one obstacle to winning and it is  a very formidable opponent. Your opponent knows all of your moves, thoughts, weaknesses, habits and excuses. HOW BAD DO YOU WANT A Guaranteed Personal winning ticket?

Your willing to BELIEVE/HOPE/PRAY on a  292 million to 1 odds but are you strong enough for a 1-1 odds??????  A Guaranteed Personal winning ticket?

Follow these 10 steps to A Guaranteed Personal winning ticket!Plan Right

  1. Hire a MONEY COACH
  2. LISTEN to your MONEY Coach
  3. Set up a Solid Plan A
  7. Tell the TRUTH (to yourself & coach)
  8. DO IT NOW
  9. Review Plan with your Money Coach
  10. Make Adjustments

People are so stupid. Every year the same nonsense is tried over and over. The result is a life of living check to check and playing Powerless-ball!  If you want to play a game that gives you A Guaranteed Personal Powerball win, follow freedemption.